And the winner is…..

…the winner of my 1100th Post Contest is my FOS buddy on Catster, Turtle (hoo, by the way, is 2 yeers old and 18 pownds: ladeez, that’s a lotta Turtle to love!) My 1100th post was publisht at 9:37am on 8/24, and Turtle’s gess was 9am on 8/24. It was a GRATE day for Turtle, cuz his Mom fownd owt frum Borders (the bookstore) that her submisshun was chozen for publikayshun in a new book called “Hopeful Tails.” WOOHOO, Turtle!!!! Way to go, dood! Be shur to send me the foto yoo wunt on yer stamps, and both yer emale and snale male adresses so I can send yer winnings to yoo!. CONCATULAYSHUNS!!!!

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