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This morning, the FL took me fur a ride in the bloo masheen. At ferst, I thot she was gonna take me to see Santa Clawz. But the root we took wuz vary familyer. (For the rekerd, I wore my powder bloo kote that has silver piping and sheepskin lining. Vary klassy.)

The sun was out and it feeled vary nice on my face!

Terns out, we were goin’ to see my frends at Bullevard Pet Hospitul. The man in the bloo kote (hoo wuz waring plad today) gave me a complimentry teeth kleenig becuz I am a sellebrity custumer. That’s one of the perqs of bein’ famous. Ixsept I wuz hopin’ fur sumthing more like a nice Prada handbag or an Hermes skarf.

Win I came in to have him cure my eyesnots so I cood poze for a Krissmiss pikcher withowt waring a pirate patch, he told me to come bak fur a teeths kleening cuz I have jinjervilinse. And the only kyoor is mowth torcher.
The bluds wuz exploding frum my teeth like lava frum a grate volkano. I spared yoo the bluds pikchers cuz they were kinda gross.

After my tooth torcher sesshun, I got wade. I thot I was gitting lade, so I took off all my clothes, but it terns out I didn’t heer them qwite rite. Talk abowt IMBERRIST! I jumpt on the skale nekkid anyway. I way 6.54 pownds. That’s six and a haff pownds of pure mussel!

On the way home I got to look owt the window of the bloo masheen and watch the howses go by. I saw many Santa Clawses and even sum vishus deer!!! I’m glad I was safe in the bloo masheen.

The man in the bloo kote promisst that he wood not leek the news abowt my dizeeze, the jinjervilinse, to the press or papparatzi. That wuz a big releef. Cuz all I need is a big foto on TMZ of me with all the bluds splooging out of my mowth.
He also rekummended aginst my doing any dental cat food endorsemints rite now until I git the jinjervilinse under kuntrol. I hope I’m kyoored by Valentine’s day, cuz that’s the one day of the yeer yoo wunt to have wite teeths and fresh breths!
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