Cat Hair Skeezix

 Cat Hair SkeezixThis week the FL made a sculpture of me out of cat hares. MY cat hares. She could only do the head becuz win she FURminates me she only gits about 12 hares. I save up my hares for win sumbuddy wares black clothes. Then I let the hares fly.

If you wunt to lern how to make a cat hare sculpture, you can go to Mousebreath ware the FL has a tootorial.

Also, I could shur use yer help. I wood like to win “Best Blog Dezine” in the BlogPaws’ Nose-to-nose blogging awards. I need nommy nations. Can yoo take a minit to nommynate me? Click this link to go to the Nommy Nation form. It wood be so grate to win cuz Flat Skeezix will be thare at the awards seramony and I will just wet my pants if I win! On the form you have to give MY email address, wich is skeezixthecat *AT* gmail *DOT* com.

Thank you vary much!

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  1. That is an awesome cat hair Skeezix, Skeezix. I would be happy to donate some of my furs so the FL could make the rest of you. Let me know – I’ve got plenty of furs to spare.

    Your pal,

    PS – The Mom nominated you.

  2. We love that Skeezix sculpture. I think I will ask the Woman to make one!

  3. Skeezix, that’s a pretty good likeness of you! And we’ll go over and nominate you.