Friends of Skeezix

Evry yeer, I save up all my Zazzle kredits and send a mess of St Patrick’s Day Skeezix buttons to kids at a skool on Long Island in Noo York. The kids are always vary grateful for da grate buttons, and they make sines and stuff saying “Thank You Skeezix!” Sum even call me “Skeez” cuz we are close frends like that. I luv Long Island. I can’t wate to git back thare!

Yoo can see more pikchers heer.

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  1. doze kidz ar da gratest! (even tho i am not allowed to ever meet dem. stoopid roolz abowt animalz in da skool!)
    thank u again skeez an fl …. i can’t wate until u get to da lon guyland!

  2. Awww…that’s super nice, Skeezix.
    We just opened a Zazzle store and we like that idea. We’ll have to copy you. : )
    xo Katie

  3. That is great Skeezix, and we can see by their faces how much they love you.

  4. Dood! You are both a philanthropist an’ a humanitarian!

  5. wow, that’s terrific buddy! Those kids looked thrilled w/their buttons!