Ferst Pluto, Now Pink

pink is not a color

Whut a krappy week this has ternd out to have bin. The brown truck drove by without stopping, so still no lucky shamrock panties. I wunder if they were deliverd yesterday and a cat hooz name rimes with Stripper stoled them. He duz not have good ettikett.

Plus, win Mao fownd out I bot used panties on the innernets, he sed I cood get cooties all over my boy bits and then thoze panties would not tern out to be so lucky. He sed my junk will be in a funk.

Then, I discovered that sientists have determind that PINK duz not egzist? Izn’t that INSANE? Will I have to send all my kyoot pink owtfits to the dumps? How in the hek will I find a new signacher color??? WHUT WILL I WARE?????

That’s it. I’m having a nerviss brakedown.

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  1. I think that you should just write your own report Skeezix about pink. I mean I can see it from my bed as I sit here by your blog. So it has to right? And because I can see it from my bed, I am an expert on pink just like Sarah Palin is an expert on Russia cause you can see it from her house. So really Skeezix, rest assured that pink exists. And so does Pluto–I mean I see him on cartoons all the time.

  2. YOU can see pink, that’s all that matters. Oh, and when the panties get there just wash ‘em in hot water. That’ll kill the junk funking cooties. I’m pretty sure, anyway…

  3. How does pink NOT exist?? You look so great in that color (or any fashionable mancat color!). Weird. Ignore the scientists. They think they’re so smart!

  4. It dose exse it see it i have toons of quote pink outfits too i say we get to gethere and show them what is pink

  5. oh fer d-o-g sake. pink egzistz skeez.
    dat’z jus stoopid!
    da end.

  6. LOKi and Bean |

    Pink egzists. And Stripper coold not, even in the best cundishuns, efur fit intoo those lukky panties. He woold haf to give them to yoo, becuz thay are a speshul Skeezix size.
    And Max is rite- hot watter and it will remove awl preevius cooties.

  7. Course pink exists! What do those scientists know. If it duzn’t exist that means that when any Beans go out wearing pink, they’d really be nekkid, and we haven’t seen any noos saying a bazillion Beans have been locked up for bein’ nekkid.