Frootbat Fashun Show Friday

Last nite I fownd Rocky past owt with his lizzerd. Lilly Lu sent him the lizzerd as a berthday prezint wich was just the nicest thing ever. Mr Lizzerd is stuft with CATNIP and it’s time-releesed. I don’t know whut that meens, but Mr Lizzerd shur smells good! Rocky kinda overdid it, and gits tired easily so he past owt after gitting nipped owt. But Mr Lizzerd was still reddy to play!!!!
So I took the Mr Lizzerd with me to play on my mini cat tower with the hidey hole. Mr Lizzerd liked playin with me. All of a sudden, I felt VARY GOOD! I started slithering and I got googley eyes! Mr Lizzerd smiled and sed he woodn’t tell anywun. And then he sed that my ferst play sesshun with him was free, but next time it wood cost me. Mr Lizzerd was vary nice. But I think Carmindy wood say that he wares too much lipstik.

Heer is the deetale of my mussel shert. It spells owt “Rockstar” in little sparkly blingy silver things. And the armholes are cut away to reveel my upper arms wich are RIPPED!!!!

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