Frootbat Friday:My BooBoo

I got a booboo on one of my frootbat ears. (Wood that make it a frooboo?) I eskaped frum upstares and Tripper tride to play with me, but I’m dellykit and he’s a Mac truk and my ear got herted. Mr TF saved me frum being eeten, but still I ended up with a frooboo on my ear. I akshully don’t mind it so much becuz it makes my ears even PINKer!!!!

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  1. Rosie & Cheeto |

    OH NO! Yoo were wounded while playing with a crazie psycho stray cat!! Yer vary brave and gerl kitties find that vary vary attractive! WAY TO GO

  2. O dear! I don’t like it when any of my friends receive boo-boos!

  3. Skeeeeezix the Cat |

    Rosie & Cheeto — Do yoo think this will git Daisy to make anuther comment abowt my mussels?

  4. Girl-cats like scars, Skeez! Makes you look like a tough-cat!

  5. Poor Skeezix. :( Sorry to hear about your froo-boo! I hope it heals up soon! Feel better!

  6. Oh nooooooo! BLOOOOD! Aaaaaahhhhhh. Poor Skeezix. If I was not afraid of bloods, I would give yer booboo a kiss to make it all better.

    ps: I still like yer muscles. You are very toned!

  7. Wowy Owy! Maybe you need some earmuffs (or a helmet).

  8. yer eer iz verree big! an dat injuree iz verree scaree!
    wer u cryin an cryin?

  9. I am sorry for your froo-boo. I hope it heals up soon. That psycho Tripper just doesn’t know how dangerous he is, I guess.

  10. heads and ears are quite vascular, so the tiniest nick can really bring on a blood bath or a bruise. You poor thing. I hope your frootbat ear is all better by this evening. (I know how wild you are with your, uh… pooping, so try not to get any poops in it)
    :o )

    Happy Friday <3

  11. Poor ears! That must hurt a whole lot. I’m sorry Skeezix! I’m the usual wound inflictor around here, so I don’t get hurt too often.


  12. Oh skeezix I sorry you got a frooboo. dont forget about fastion show firday

    Lilly LKu ( your freind in fastion)

  13. Ohhhhh Skeezix, you poor thing. I hope you’re getting lots of kisses from the Food Lady and Mr. TF.

  14. Oh skeezix I sorry you got a frooboo. dont forget about fastion show firday

    Lilly LKu ( your freind in fastion)

  15. Oh skeezix I sorry you got a frooboo. dont forget about fastion show firday

    Lilly LKu ( your freind in fastion)

  16. Oh skeezix I sorry you got a frooboo. dont forget about fastion show firday

    Lilly LKu ( your freind in fastion)

  17. Oh poor Skeez! Your little frootbat ear got hurt!We hope your boo-boo will be better soon.

  18. That actually looks a bit painful! And Meowm wants to kiss it and make it better!

  19. Ouch, that looks like it hurts! But I agree with rosie and cheeto, I think you were vary brave and it make you even more attractive! Tara

  20. better have mr. TF put some medicated goo on you frooboo, wouldn’t want you to lose one of your satelite frootbat ears….

  21. Playin’ with other kitties can be furry dangerous, I’m learning. Be careful, Skeez! But it’s kewl, b/c I hear that girls dig scars.

  22. Eric and Flynn |

    Oh poor Skeezix haffing a frooboo on yer eer. Hope it gets better kwikly or yoo mite haf to have a floodlite stuck on yer hed like Miles Meezer did.

  23. awh jeez! Be very careful playing, tay? tay. Next time, put the bitey on him..

  24. That looks like a sore little ouchie, Skeezix. I hope your TF made that Tripper pay for it. Personally, I am a Cat of Peace, and abhor violence.

  25. Skeeeeezix the Cat |

    Kelly Cat: I’m a cat of peese, too! Look at my bakgrownd on my blog: thare’s a peese sine!

  26. Rosie & Cheeto |

    Skeezix shoots and he SCORES! Yoo got anothur comment abowt yer mussels frum Daisy!! Awesome

  27. Poor Skeezie’s ear! Take good care of your owwwie. Did Mr. TF get you a Band-Aid? You could have one of Mom’s … It is pink and has “Hello Kitty” on it.

  28. Mr Zenith & Fancidots Gang |

    Oh WOW Skeeze buddy! That is a bad, RAD, OWIE !!!

    Tiger bits my eers all da time, but they are teeni and I can fold thim aganst my hed real quik like. Somtims meowmy cheks fur blood, but so far hasn’t fownd any. I did mak Tiger’s nose leffur bleeed onc with my saber klaws when he woodnt stop bitin me.

    Hope Mr TF and Food Lady keep medicun on it, and giv yu lots of kisses till yur foo-boo is betur.

    BTW we like yur Star Trek scarf, too!

  29. OH NO Skeezy! we is sorry you gots a frooboo!!! we hopes it gets better soon!

  30. OUCH!!! An lookit that vein that runs all along the edge. Gee, maybe Mom should take a closeup of my ear.
    Get better soon!

  31. HOLY KITTEN CABOODLE! OUCH!! The only pawwwsitive thing? Is that your ear is more pink:) Get well Skeezix!