Hello, Kismet

My ferst best frend on the Innernets was Kismet the Big Mancat. Me and Kismet were tite. I got a lot of fashun tips frum him, and he helped me git manly. My face leeked a lot win Kismet wint to The Bridge.

For reezins I don’t entirely understand, I have to leeve Mr TF now, becuz it’s time to meet up with Kismet. And Kailin. And DMM. And Sarge. And Jake and Bathsheba. And Rocky the Gutter Cat. And Mickey Mantle. And Calvin. And Taz. And Sanjee. And Eric.  And Gracey. And Titus the frootbat dog. And many many more deer frends hoo have gone before.

I have had a grate time this last 8 yeers and I hope you have, too. Win I wuz a kittin, I coodn’t have imajined riting 2, 288 posts. I coodn’t even cownt that high. I coodn’t have imajined compeeting in the Nashunul Spellin Bee with my best frend Jeter Harris as my spellin coach. I couldn’t have imajined finely being able to ride the Short Bus, courtesy of my grate frend DMM.

I coodn’t have imajined viziting the Chuck Erreca Rest Stop and Bakersfeeld and Ireland and Inglund and the Kerribeeyun.

I coodn’t have imajined gitting the most glameruss gerlcat on the innernets to be my speshul frend. I coodn’t have imajined gitting to hobnob with sellebrities like Mr Sun, Jackson Galaxy, Andrea Arden and Broose Jenner!

Skeezix and "My Cat from Hell"'s Jackson Galaxy

Skeezix and Animal Planet star Andrea Arden

Skeezix in London for the Royal Wedding

Skeezix and BFF Titus

I coodn’t have imajined gitting a wardrobe that rivaled my idol Libberacheys and becoming a fashun icon! I have had a good life and I have been happy to share it with you.

I love you Daisy, and Jeter and evrybuddy else, espeshully that oringe cat down the street. And remember, my frends: stay vijilant aginst the vishus deer menniss. I’ll see you at The Bridge.


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  1. Oh no! My eyes are leaking and so are my mum’s. I love you and will miss you. Please say hello to Eric for us and tell him we miss him. You have lots of friends waiting for you. Be happy and pain free at the Bridge dear friend.
    We send our love and hugs to your family.

    • oh noez… how cood you be goned already? we coodn’t find da comment place to leeve a message so weze linking wifs another message reply spot.

      Oh Skeezix… how will weze go on wifs out you?
      Purring fur all your fambly as you waits fur dem at the rainbow bridge.

      You iz da bestest boy dat ever waz…

  2. Oh man, dood…I am leaking so freaking hard right now. I’m glad you got some extra days with your Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face, but everyone is going to miss you here sooooo much.

    Skeez…man, you have been a rockstar and I loved you so damned much. I know I’ll see you at the Bridge someday but right now…this just sucks. And I know it sucks worse for your people.

    Say hi to all our friends up there for me. I’m gonna think about you a lot. A whole lot.


  3. Oh Skeezix! We are really really really really sad that you have crossed over. We know you have a ton of friends at The Bridge, but would you mind saying “Hello” to Obi, Jenny, Bow, Annie, and Gatsbi from all of us here at Forty Paws? Many hugs to you Skeezix. We know that you are pain free and running with all those who have gone before.

    Hugs to your Mom and Mr. TF.

    Luf, Us

  4. Harry Spotter |

    I am so very sorry. Skeezix was such a special cat, loved by all. I am heart broken for you and my thoughts and prayers are with you and his many friends.

  5. Skees you rode high and lived large. Lots of us lived through your wonderful adventures. You will never be forgotten and we purray that your trip to the Bridge is as fun as the many trips you’ve been on here. Enjoy the ride and see you on the other side.
    Many big purrs and hugs….

  6. We are so sorry to read this new. Sending comforting purrs from all of us to your family.

  7. We are so sorry to read this news. Sending comforting purrs from all of us to your family.

  8. Karen, pixel and Samba |

    Sending purrs and prayers to FL, mr TF , Mao and tripper. Skeezix glad you got a few good days at the end. We know you will be the best dressed at the bridge. This is so sad.

  9. You’re a legend in the Blogosphere and we’re honored to have known you. We’re so sorry you had to go to the Bridge so soon and it’s making us all leaky. Lots of love to you and your family. We’ll miss you always.
    Grr, Midnight & Cocoa
    Rascal & Riley
    Minion & Marshmallow von Fluffington
    Karen, the Lady

  10. Ms. Food Lady, Mr. TastyFace, Mao, and Tripper, we are so sorry that Skeezix has gone to the bridge. Mom is leaking a lot from her eyes right now. Skeezy was one of a kind, and we will miss him so very much.

    Cody, Gracie, and our Mom (Tara)

  11. My human and I just read you were gone on Facebook and we are both sadder than you can possibly imagine. Skeezix, we will miss you so much. Please say hi to all our friends who are gone – we’ll always remember you.

  12. Oh goodness. We knew this was coming but we hate it all the same. Meowm asks that you say hello to Junior and china for her, and countless others that we have lost. We know you feel all better now and we are glad for that. We will send our best purrs and gentle headbutts to the FL, Mr. TF, Mao and Tripper. We are certain you will rock the bridge with your incredible fashion!

  13. Oh, Skeezy… This makes me so, so sad. Saying goodbye to so many special friends is part of why we stopped cat blogging. My multi-medium piece of art that your Mom made is even more special to me now. See you at the bridge, you stylin’ hunk of fashinista mancat! We’ll love you always. xoxo

  14. We are so distraught at this news. I can only imagine how Mr. TF and the Food Lady feel. My eyes are leaking so badly that I can hardly type. I loved you so dearly, Skeezy, and I loved all that you represented. I am so sorry for your entire family. You gave us great joy during your all-too-short life. It’s truly the end of an era in the cat blogging world. :’(

  15. Oh SKEEZIX! Allie’s utterly devastated that her fashion idol has gone to the RB. And we boycats are having to do serious mop up duty cuz our mommy’s leaking all over us. We sure do send many MANY loving and heartfelt purrs to your humans, cuz we can only imagine how their hearts are a bit hurty right now. WE WILL CARRY YOUR TORCH DOOD, in your honor. You are a legend.

  16. Oh, no, we were so hoping you would have more good time with Mr TF and your FL. We are leaking so bad for them right now. You have been such a joy to know. We will really miss you. Hugs for your FL and she can share them with Mr TF.

  17. Sending out love, PURRS, and condolences from all of us at Purrchance To Dream, and from everyone in The Cat Blogosphere.
    You’re one of the greats, Skeezix, and will always have a great place in our hearts.

  18. Dood! I’m leeking an’ mom’s leaking … And we can’t believe yer gone.

    Yoo were a righteous dood an’ were unrivaled on the innerwebs. The Cat blogosphere has lost it’s legendary leader.

    Say “hey” to DMM from me an’ mom …

  19. julie wallin |

    I am sure my angel Frankie Sinatracat met you at the Bridge and had a very special sparkly pink boa for you. You were one of his hero’s. Purrs and hugs to Mr. Tasty Face and the Food Lady and the other kits.

  20. Skeezix, you have been a role model for many of us kitties. We are so sad you have to leave, but you know what is best for you. Our eyes are leaking a lot today for you, the FL and Mr TF.

  21. Clancy and Cupcake |

    Purrs and prayers for your family. Rest easy.

  22. Oh, Skeezix! We will miss you so much but so happy you are with all of your friends at the RB. You will remain in our hearts forever until we meet again.

    In the meantime, we’re sending the FL and Mr. TF so much love because we know how very very very much they love you and will miss you.


    Romeo, Pugsley and staff

  23. Oh Skeez – what can we say? Would yoo please find TT and give her a hug from us too? (((hugs))) to Mr TF and the Food Lady.

  24. Oh such a sad day, have peace and be pain free little man you brought much happiness to many and you will be sorely missed

  25. bonnie wilson |

    We are all so very sorry to hear of Skeezix passing to The Bridge. There are many wonderful kitties that he will get to meet in person that already knew each other from the internets, but we know that he is missed so very, very much. Purrs and very gentle headbutts to Skeezix family …

  26. Be at peace my dear furry friend. I feel blessed to have known you and your family. You are certainly leaving this world as a better, richer place because you were in it. Seriously dood, you made a huge difference. I can only imagine how much more awesome the Bridge will be with you there. See you again soon…but not too soon.

  27. Skeezix, we are so very sorry that you have gone to the Bridge. We have leaky eyes here and will always remember you. You were one of our first blogging friends.

    Please say hi to Angels Tamir and Sniffie and give Auntie El a hug for us.

    Purrs, prayers and gentle (((Hugs))) to the Food Lady and Mr TF.

    We love you,
    The Florida Furkids

  28. Oh, darn it so, so, so much…. We all will miss you very much Skeezix but are very happy to know that you were so well loved on this earth and that you have so many wonderful friends waiting up for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Peace and blessings – love from all of us at Zee and Zoey’s.

  29. Victor Tabbycat |

    Dude, this is a sad day in the blogosphere. One of the saddest. You pwned blogging. We will miss you very, very much, but never as much as you will be missed by your family. Watch out fur Bonnie Underfoot! She’ll smack you and call you names. Skeezy, I’ll always be an FOS. Farewell, deer furiend.

  30. We are very sad to hear the news about Skeez. Hugs and Purrs. We are thinking about you.

  31. Oh Skeezy, our little friend, we will miss you so much, but not even a pinch as much as the Food Lady and Mr Tasty Face and Mao and Trip. Soooo many cats will be lined up to meet you! Our little sis Daisy and big brofur Jasper will help efurryone show you around. Our hearts are hurting so bad and mom is leaking all ofur the place.

    Sending many hugs and purrs to your fambly,
    Love Finny, Buddy, Jazzy & Mom Nora

  32. random felines |

    We will stay vigilant. Safe journey skeezix. We know there are lots of leaky eyes and broken hearts at your house and all over the interwebs. Purrs

  33. Joanne McGonagle |

    We will miss you so much. Gracey will meet you at the bridge.

  34. We are all very sad to say goodbye to you. Sugar and Stryder are looking for you at the bridge.

  35. Oh Skeezix! We are so sad that you have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are breaking for your family cause we knows they are going to miss you tons.

    Until we meets again,

  36. Bridgett Backer |

    oh little mancat. I am so sorry you have left us so soon. But I am glad you are resting peacefully now. You have brought so many of us such laughter and joy over the years. You will be missed.

    Bridgett, Badness, Scrappy and Daisy the dog.

  37. I was saddened to read Skeezix had to go to the Rainbow Bridge, yet comforted at all the loved ones he had to greet him. May the beloved memories comfort you in this sad, hurtful time and may God be watching over you and your loved ones as you face the days ahead without his physical presence. I will pray for you guys. I am very sorry for your loss.

  38. ah, skeezix. *sigh* all the pierces are terribly, terribly sad to hear you haf gone to the bridge. we sends our love an’ compassion to your fambly, espeshully mr tf. our mommer is leakin’ efurrywhere an’ wishes she could stop but she can’t.

    cap’n nels will be waitin’ wif a full-rigged ship to fire a salute (we knows you won’t be ascairt of hevvenly cannon-fire), an’ he’ll take you ennywhere you wanna go aboard the cat-o-nine-tails.

    oh, lord, skeezy; it’s rainin’ AWFUL hard inside chez pierce. fare thee well. we are SO proud to haf been yer frends.

  39. Our eyes are leaking so bad right now. We are going to miss you so much sweet Skeezix! We feel so bad for your family. Thoughts and purrs to them.

  40. Skeezix,
    Moozer is waiting at the Bridge for you. and Calvin and Taz too. Your heart basket is overflowing.
    Bless you little precious heart,
    Love is forever~~ <3
    Please give my Moozer a manly hug for me.
    i will never forget you.


  41. We thought The Four Housecats of the Apocalypse purring for you would make you want to stay, and our Mama Mimi, who can do anything, helped us purr, but we understand. Three of our fur sisters and one fur brother are there already, and we don’t know why they’d want to leave us, but we know it’s something a cat’s got to do at some time in his life. Our human’s eyes are leaking all over us and her shirt, and we have to clean her up now. Give TFL and MTF a little lick to let them know you’re still around, they just can’t see you, and give a nose tap to our tortie and calico sisters and that goof Namir–you’ll like him a lot.

  42. Farewell, dear friend. Ko, Jacob and especially Taz will be there to welcome you with open paws.

  43. I’m glad all your angel pals were at the gate to greet you, Skeez. Once you get through orientation, you’re gonna have the best wings at the bridge, and I know you’ll be teaching all of us a few things about fashion. Purrs and angel dust to your family today. Love is forever – you are always in their hearts, and in so many other peoples’ hearts too. We love you!

  44. I first met you on Catster when I was a kitten. Fly free my pal, the sky has a new very BRIGHT and very FASHIONABLE star! Shine on!

    I love you, man.

  45. Murray and Miles family |

    Miles speaking: It’s not fair that I’m here and you are already having to leave. I don’t understand it either. But I know Murray1 and Jacob will be delighted to see you and do anything you need. Our eyes are leaking because you left!

  46. Cody and I send our deepest sympathy. Please tell our Angel Bobo hello when you see him at the Bridge, and you can chase some catnip mice together.
    We are so sorry to hear this sad news.

  47. I couldn’t have imagined you were on Karl and my wedding. But you were…
    Too soon, too young, but i guess the Bridge needed a cat like you.

    My purrs and thought are with your family and close friends!
    We Skeezix, we will meet again…

    ~ Ruis

  48. Safe journey, my friend, until we meet someday. I know all who have gone before are partying big time at your arrival. I have kept all of your cards and pictures and we will treasure them always. We will miss you sorely, Skeeze.

    Dear FL, Mr. TF, Mao and Tripper … we are thinking of you and sending warm light and gentle purrs.

    Go well and run free across the Bridge, my friend.


  49. Jan Allen/Sky Angel |

    Safe Journey sweet boy. You will be missed by many. Purrs to your family.

  50. Dood, man I just don’t haz teh wurds…..
    See yu at teh Bridge

  51. We are so sad. Skeezy, it has been wonderful following your blog and being friends with you. You are one of the great kitties of all time. We will miss you, but know you have other business you must attend. Praying for your family and friends on Earth to find peace. Love and hugs, Marina & Tosca

  52. I wish there were words to express our sadness, Karen. I’m so sorry for your loss. I feel so honored to have been able to follow along with the amazing adventures of Skeezix. I know there will never be another one like him.

    We will light a candle tonight to honor him.

    I hope you feel our hugs & love from across the country.

    Pam & Oskar

  53. Skeezix I will miss you. Maybe you will see my BearBear at the Rainbow Bridge and you can play together. My heart goes out to your family. Hugs and purrs.

  54. Oh man, this really hurts. We’re so sad that you’re heading off to the Bridge. There’s gonna be one awesome party going on there. But us left here are really gonna miss you, Skeezix. There ain’t ever gonna be another one like you.

    Purrs to the FL and Mr. TF….

  55. Skeezix, I’m speechless. Hugs and purrs to your family always-

  56. we are saddened to hear skeezix has left for the bridge. we are sending comforting purrs and healing prayers for the FL, Mr. TF, Mao, Tripper, and daisy the curly cat too. we are going to remember all of the fun adventures that skeezix shared with the blogosphere. all of the laughs and silliness and the vishus deer warnings too. we will miss you skeezix.

  57. Oh, Skeezix, we are stunned. We just can’t imagine a world without Skeezix in it. All of us at Artsy Catsy are holding a purr-in for you tonight, our friend, and for your family, too.

  58. Truly an amazing one-of-a-kind cat! Skeezix you are immortal and will live on in our hearts and minds. Hugs and purrs to your family from me and the kitties.

  59. Skeezy,

    We will miss you so much…you and your adventure kept our Mommy amused for many long midnight shifts, and gave her the idea to start blogging. You are the Original Icon of cat blogging–now and forever.

    We are sending our best purrs to the Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face. All our love, The Lounge Kats

  60. Big hugs to the whole family. Skeezix, you only had eight years, but what an eight years they were! You will be sorely missed. Please say hello to my darling Edgar.

  61. da tabbies o trout towne |

    dood…we canna eggs press ta yur mom how trooly sorree we iz, ya
    fighted a good fite N ya gave it yur all N we noe how tuff thiz iz gonna
    be for her. we all sew noe there will knot ever beez another skeezix coz
    ewe bee one ina million. we bee happee ta haz known ewe frum bak in
    de olden dayz when all oh uz hung round de kewler at catster. pleez give
    sum fazhion tips ta dude ….N sauce two if ya see em…neither of them ever
    wanted ta wear a tie ore pants for that matter. ya mite even menshun a wee
    change a robes ta R pal St Francis, we hurd him likes ta wear de same one
    day in, day out. God’s speed ~~~~~~~xoxo

  62. Oh Skeezix,

    While us humans all have leaky eyes, we also wish you all the fun in the world at the bridge. I can only imagine the wonderful time you will have with all those who have gone before.

    You had an amazing life, all who knew you were blessed for having gotten to know you.

  63. I’ve come to pay my respects to a pioneer of blogging cats. *bows head* I’l bet Pepi the Smart Dog has a very special gold pram waiting for you. Comforting purrz to those he left behind and those who love him.

  64. *Bows head…*
    Dearest God,
    Our friend Skeezix is your newest resident. Please assign him the most wonnerful, bestest angel you gots up there at the Bridge. He’s a special boy and deserves the most very real best. Please watch over him and make sure he knows how very much was loved and always will be…forever and evers.

    Fly free, sweet Skeezix. Rest in Peace now. Your work is done.

    Very truly yours,
    Elsie Fallulah Graves & The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

  65. Skeezix, we’ll miss you so much! We always enjoyed your stories about Mr. Tasty Face and the Food Lady since we joined the Cat Blogosphere in 2007. You made us laugh. All our mutual friends at the Rainbow Bridge will be there to welcome you. We send our heartfelt sympathy to your family.

  66. as efurryone has said….such leaky eyes…so sorry to see another precious furriend dash to the Bridge; paw pats and purrrs…Savannah

  67. Skeezix,
    We are so furry saddened by your passing, but you live on in all of us furs for the many meows you’ve left fur us. You are a star, in fact our momma just read a story about you on her Page a Day cat calendar!!

    We will be sending our purrs and our woofs to your furmily. You have left many pawprints on many hearts that will never be furgotten. Fly free our furriend.

    Bella, Tally, Sophie and Nikki

  68. Oh Skeezy, we all ahve leaky eyes here at HotMBC. We are so happy we got to know you, though. We know Sanjee will be happy to see you at the Bridge and maybe you can give her some fashion tips. We’ll send lots of love to The Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face and Mao and Tripper for their sads. Bless you, little buddy. <3

  69. Three bad things happened with me today. SO I thought, hey, that’s all, right? Don’t bad things come in threes?
    Some purrsons are so big and large and amazing and wonderful and all those other good things that you know they will always be here, right?
    I’m trying to recall when I first “met” Skeez. I know it was via his blog, and also on Catster. It was quite awhile ago.

    In shock. Can’t really process this at all.

    I hope and pray the transition was easy and peaceful. Platitudes and such won’t help, so I won’t post them. Everyone who’s lost someone amazing and totally beloved knows how everyone here must be feeling now.

    *fly free, beloved Skeezix. We loved you here and we will love you there. Many of my beloveds undoubtedly greeted you and are helping to show you around. Teach them all the great stuff, Big Guy.” We’ll all be there by and by.

    To Karen and Mr. TF and all of his loved ones here, there are no words except *PRAYERS* and *LOVE*. He’s watchin’. <3

  70. Carole Vehrs |

    Oh no, I am so sorry to hear Skeezy has gone to the bridge so soon. I always heard so many nice things about Skeezix from Nancy Vehrs who knew him from her blogging days. You will be truly missed, and sending purrs and hugs to your hooman family and your furry family who are left with many wonderful memories of you.

  71. Grandma Cat of the Hotties |

    Skeezix – please hug Sanjee for me! I loved you both. You were the first fancy, online cat guy I got to know. We have pictures of you on our cat wall in all your wonderful outfits. I know your Food Lady and Mr. Tasty face are sad beyond words. You will always be a sweetheart and the coolest cat guy I know — The Hotties will miss you as will the typist and I. Glad you got to be with your people for a few extra days. oxoxox

  72. We are soo sorry to see you leave us. We promise to watch over your friend Daisy and say extra purrz for her cuz she’s going to be so sad.

  73. We are so sorry to hear it was time for you to cross the bridge, Skeezix. Please tell Sweet Praline and Beignet hello for us.

    Truffle and Brulee

    Karen – I’m so sorry to hear about Skeezix. My thoughts are with you.

    Mom Paula

  74. Goodbye dear friend. You were one of my first blogging friends, and I always loved readying your posts. I haven’t been blogging much lately, but when I think of the good times, you are one of may I remember. Purrs to your family from me and Kavan, and I’ll see you at the bridge some day……

  75. Skeezix, we will miss you. You have inspired, amused, entertained, and enlightened so many. Thank you for sharing your awesome adventures with us. You are a CB legend, and will always be the coolest cat ever. Please say “Hi” to Grrreta at the Rainbow Bridge. She is one of your biggest fans. We send tons of comforting hugs and purrs to Mr. Tasty Face and the Food Lady. Our heart breaks for them knowing how much they will miss you.

  76. Oh no Skeezie. I loved you. I am sorry you had to go to the Bridge. I will always remember you. You were my bestie. I am so heartbroken as are so many. Sending healing purrs to the FL and Mr. TF. I thought we would have you a little longer. You were a star!RIP my sweet boy.

  77. Oh Skeezix, I don’t even know what to say. My heart is broken in a million pieces. You were my one true love. I am going to miss you so much. Thank you for being my very special friend, Skeezix. You will remain in my heart forever. Rest in peace. There will never, ever be a mancat as handsome, smart, funny, or with muscles as big and strong as you. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  78. Skeezix, your family’s hearts will ache a long time even though they know you are not sick anymore. You were so very kind in writing about me when I crossed the bridge. I am one of many many in the throng at the gates to welcome you to the 10th Life. Love is forever, Hazel Lucy

  79. oh no, no, no. we are all leaking so much, the drought in the southwest will be over. you were our role model, the kind of blogging cat we always wanted to be. your sense of your humor, your sense of fashion, your fight against the vishus deer – oh man, we will miss you! our purrs go to your family, we are so sorry you had to leave. but you are a legend, and your spirit will always be with all of us.
    until we meet again.
    karl and the cat realm

  80. Raymond and Busby |

    Skeezy, we love you. Thanks for inspiring us to blog. Thanks for everything. We hope you were wrapped up in your boner blanket when you went to the bridge. Or maybe you were wearing it like a cape.

    We are purring for your family and out two Moms are happy to have had the chance to meet you in person. See you on the other side buddy.

  81. Zippy just summed it up for us…that really, really sucks. We’re gonna miss you, a lot. Sadie says to tell Rocky hi, she did say to kiss him for her but we’re pretty sure he won’t want you kissin’ him. Godspeed Skeezix, we’ll see you later…

  82. I am so sad for your family. But I know you will be in good company at the Bridge.

  83. Farewell dear Skeezix, the CB won’t be the same place without you. Say hello to all of our furiends at The Bridge.

  84. My heart is broken for you. Fly free, little Skeezix and please tell my Brandy Noel that mommy eternally misses her.

  85. Oh dear Skeezix, I can hardly type for the tears. You will always be a hero to us kitty bloggers and you will always live and be loved in our hearts. The world is a better place because you were a part of it pal. Hugs, Karen, we are sending you purrs and hugs.

  86. Skeezix, we are sorry we are only finding out about you after you have gone to the RB. We have many brofurs and sisfurs there who we know will be happy to meet and find out more about you. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  87. Katie Isabella |

    Mom and I are sending hugs and purrs and we are both so sorry for your loss. I hope my Admiral and he will see one another and be furriends. xxxooo

  88. Skeezy,
    You were the first blog that we ever read and you inspired us to start our own. Thank you for sharing your life with us and teaching us about vishus deers and muscles and fashion. We are so very honored that you came to our house. We will never ever forget it. We wish you could have stayed around longer, but we understand about having to go to the Bridge. The Mom is absolutely sure that there’s a big reunion up there today. We hope that you and Titus get a chance to be pink and white and froot batty together. The Mom’s eyes are too leaky and she can’t help us type any more. Fly free, dood. Thank you for being our furriend. Hugs and purrs and purrayers to Mr TF and the Food Lady.

  89. Skeez, you inspired both me and Quasi to become bloggers! Nobody will ever equal you, dude. I hope I get to meet you someday “up there” and I’m sure the Food Lady and Mr. TF are looking forward to the happiest reunion with you at the bridge.

  90. Skeezy, we know you are fine now that you are at the Rainbow bridge. It was so grate to know you. We send heartfelt condolences to Mr Tastyface and the Food Lady. We know they will miss you so much.

  91. Skeezix…::sniff:: we know that you are in good paws at The Bridge. We loved you…you were our hero, warning us of the evils of visshus deer and bad fashion. We are purring for Mr. Tastyface and The Food Lady because we know they are heartbroken without you. ::sniff::

    Cory and family

  92. Oh noes. Skeezix, I looked up to you as the most famous cat on the internet. We are going to miss you very much. Mom and I are sending hugs and purrs to Mr Tasty Face and the Food Lady.

  93. We just don’t have anything to say. The Lap Lady is sobbing and liquid is running down her face.

    Latte & Kaze

  94. Good on you Skeezix – entertaining us all right up to the end. You enjoy your visit to the bridge and catching up to all of the good people and friends who have gone before.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  95. Adios, Skeezix. Love to your family.

  96. Oh, I do be so sorry that you do goed to the bridge already. I do hoped you might could be friends with She’s Scrooge at the bridge too. She and He do still missed Scrooge – like you peoples will miss you too.

    And Daisy will be so sad too!

  97. we send condolinces we just lost sweet Maigold and we know LL is waiting for skeezix to show him all the fashion in rainbow bridge you touch so meany lives we love you

    sending conferting hugs to FL and Mr Tasty face

  98. Oh, Skeezix…We all are so sad that you had to cross the bridge, but like all of your friends who have stopped by to give hugs and purrs to FL and TF, we, too, smile when we think of you and Kismet and Eric and all the friends you have made along your journey who went before you…to think of you all together now is kind of comforting. And just like Kismet’s Whisker Humps and Eric’s whizzing on the bushes…we will always think of you when we see Pink (and Coco said she will think of you when she is in her pink wig, too).

    Fly free and know that you have made a difference in the world and brought smiles to many…that is something very special and rare and we are proud to have called you ‘Furrend’…

  99. Lin@CatVideoMania |

    I am so sorry. I just saw that Skeezix is gone. I just came to know about him only a week ago through another site and I fell in love with him. I knew he had the big C and I hoped everyday that maybe something could help him.

    He was so cool in that leather jacket. Reminded me of the “Fonz” and we know how cool he was. I am truly heart broken and my prayers are with all of your family, Skeezy. I will miss reading your posts.

    You brought so much joy to others, it is hard to find words. You were a miracle and a real sweetheart. You will be with all of us who love you, in our hearts forever.

    I thank your mom, Karen, for helping to make you the fashionista man-cat of the internet and sharing your awesomeness with all of us. You were one of a kind, very unique and special and will always be a legend. I miss you terribly already. Sending love to you and your family from the very bottom of my heart.

    One of your many admirers,


  100. Oh Skeezy…we are so very sorry to have to say goodbye. You’re brightened the lives of WAY more than any of us can count. Fly free sweetie…and say hello to all the friends on the other side.
    Bless you.

  101. Oh sweet, sweet Skeezix. How you will so be missed by so many, us included. Fly free. Purrs….

  102. Oh Skeezix… You will be very much missed. I have not known you for that much but I liked to come and read your bloggie. You were a star on the interwebs and now you are a star in the sky.
    We will remember you always.

  103. Skeezix, I was in total shock to hear that you had to leave us so soon. I thought you were getting better…and then to learn that you went to the bridge today was too much. Your buddies from Catster- Paisan, Whiskers, Buddy, Chasim, Sasha and Bella are sending huge amounts of purrs. Also we will keep the Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face in our thoughts and prayers. Skeezix…you my friend are a hard act to follow. I loved your personality. There is only one you…and you will be greatly missed. <3

  104. Dude. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Sigh. I am very sad. Fly free Skeezix…you earned it man! I will see you when it’s my time…and it will be good to see you again…Purrs from your pal, Paisan.

  105. DaneRay/Ray Chesnick |

    Oh, Skeezix, I’m so sorry. My Great Dane, Chase, went OTRB just 2 weeks ago so I’m sure that he will make sure you are most welcome. Your many friends there will give you a great show around. Huge hugzzzzzzzzz to you, precious kitty pal. RAY & TIPPER — @DaneRay

  106. Our hearts are heavy. It just seems too short of a time for you to have been here. How come time goes so fast with the ones we love the most? Thank you Skeezix. You taught us how to laugh again and how to rite like a kat – although we never did get it quite rite and never as funny as you. You taught us about the vishus deer and how to ride in da car. We never attempted to get anywhere near fashion cuz you had dat part all tied up.
    Visit the Food Lady and Mr TF in their dreams so they can heal quicker will ya? Your light will help to lighten all of our heavy hearts. Until it’s time for us all at the bridge, have fun with all the furriends you made who have been waiting for you.
    Beau Beau and Angie and Mom Brenda

  107. My heart breaks for you and your family. I hoped you would have more time here with your Food Lady and Mr tastey Face. You were dearly loved and your life here much too short. You are an inspiration and loved by so many. There will never be another Skeezix. Forever in our hearts and memories. Thanks for all your words of kitty wisdom and the smiles you gave me when I read your posts. Purrs and prayers for the newest kitty angel at the bridge.

  108. Respect.
    The CB and the interwebs and the whole freaking world is less bright today.
    Love and purrs to your peeps.

    Ms Stella O Houligan

  109. You are a legend sweet boy and will live on in the hearts of all until we meet again. Sending lots of warm comforting purrs to your family. Your life was grand but way too short. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  110. we are sad with you … God’s Garden will be lovely till you meet again … may you be comforted from all the tears falling all over the world for precious Sheezix xoxo touched more lives than you can even imagine … softly barking just for yous

  111. my dear skeezie, please tell sarge i love him and miss him. he’ll take care of you…

    hugs, ant bee

  112. Oh, dear Skeezix, we are so sad that you had to go off to the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone had purred that you would have more time with your family. And along with your FL, Mr. TF, Mao and Trip, you had the whole world as your family. My new kitten brother Spike didn’t get to know you but I will tell him all the wonderful stories about you. My Lap Lady’s eyes are leaking and we know that our sweet Willow will be there to greet you.

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat, Spike William & Angel Willow

    Hugs and prayers from Mom Teri

  113. ingrid rickmar |

    We send plenty of purrs and condolences at this time, and a load of hugs to your earthly furmily.
    You will be missed.
    Fly sweetly and freely!

  114. Teebo, Callie and Rose |

    We’re so sorry you had to journey to the Bridge Skeezix. We’re going to miss you sweet friend.

    Hugs and purrs to your family.

  115. Skeezix was in a class by himself, or even if he wasn’t, it didn’t take very long to call the roll. We send sympathies and comforting vibes for your loss.

  116. Margaret and Motor |

    Skeezix, Motor here: We never met in cat, but Margaret and I read your blog and really admired you. We will miss you. I don’t have too many role models, now that I am an only cat. Maybe you will meet my sister, Princess, over there. She left us a little while ago. So, anyway, thanks for the fun times. Wishing you all the best. I know you were very loved.

  117. You were the greatest inspiration. Your Werds of Devotion contest was the being of Dolce’s Story Chair. You will be missed Skeezix.

    This really sucks.

  118. Our sincere condolances over the loss of your precious Skeezix; he was such a unique and darling boy and he will be missed and always remembered by countless friends from the CB…We will purr and pray for you all to find comfort in the love you shared and the great times you guys spent together=love never dies and in that sense, sweet Skeezix will never leave you…He knew you cherished him and that is the best we can ever give anyone in this life…big hugs…J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  119. Dear Skeezix,
    My EyeTailYun heart izza so so so sorry to hear youza crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Youza one of my very 1st Catster pals and Me & Myself will always furever remember those meowvalous times with you – like when weeza went to North Beach for Catpuccinos. Now when I sees heavenly pinky sunsets, I’ma gonna thinks of you being in charge uppa there. Our kitty kondolences tooza yur family come frum my whole house.

  120. Skeezix, we loved you. You took us on so many adventures, taught us so many things. We’ve laughed with you and cried with you but always adored you.
    Dear little one, thank you for being YOU!
    Love and hugs…..Shaggy, Scout & Mom Lynne

  121. Dear Family of Skeezix the Cat – Eyes are leaking all over the world tonight and furry friends are purring for you to help ease the pain of your loss.

    Skeezix taught us all so much – especially how to live life to the fullest. He has left us all way too soon.

    Each time one of our kittehs goes to The Bridge, we humans look into the sunset and remember all the ones who came before and our hope is that they are having a huge party to welcome the newest one.

  122. We are so sorry to have to say goodbye. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. You leave a large void in the cat blogging world.

  123. We just read the sad news, and after reading all the caring and loving comments, written so much better than we could do, we think we will simply and quietly say “end of an era”…

  124. Goldie Goodwin |

    There is one and only one Skeezix. You pretty much started it all….
    It will never be the same without you.
    Take care at the bridge and get some of those kitties to dress right. Send back your love to your Food Lady, Mr. TF and even that darn Tripper and Mao.
    The whole world loves you and you will be missed forever.

  125. Oh Skeezix, we ayre so sorry you had to leave for the rainbow bridge wa before your time.
    our heart goes out to your people. we are sending huge hugs and comfortig purrs.
    we know that you are running free now with all our friends who have gone before but this does not make us less sad.

    Godspeed Skeezy! We love you xoxo

  126. Benjamin Fuzz |

    I don’t know how to ease your sadness over the passing of this amazing guy. It’s great that he’s at the Rainbow Bridge, and you’ll find him there when it’s your time. But for now, you’re here and he’s there and it hurts. FL and Mr TF, please know that you are not alone. There are lots of us who will purr, pray, and offer as much loving support as you can handle.

  127. Our eyes are leaking and leaking and leaking. You were one of the first doods we met through the blogosphere and you helped us connect with so many other kittehs. Without you, our mommakitty and daddykitty would have never met the Food Lady and Mr. TF – we had so much in common. We know you are in a beautiful place now, with lots of fabulous fashion and havin’ some free stroll time with some other buddies. We will see you on the other side some day. We love you.

  128. I am so sorry to hear that you have passed Skeezix. Please know that you will always be loved & cherished. Fly free little one.

  129. We are all so very sorry to hear this sad mews. We are sad that you had to go, but know you will meet up with all your friends who went before, and make new ones, as well. Our Soot is over there, and I’m sure you’ll be grate buddies.
    Hugs, purrs and headbonks from the leaky eyes at Talk With the Paws.

  130. Oh we are so, so sorry to hear this very sad news. We send your family our gentlest purrs and thoughts of light and love.

    Be Well Sweet Skeezix

  131. I’m so sorry to hear this news. Skeezix, you’ll be missed. I’ll send healing thoughts and virtual hugs to your mom. Rest in peace.

  132. Hi Skeezix. We always admired you from afar, here in France where we live. We’re sorry we never got up close and personal, but we know you for the legend that you are. We have some siblings at the Bridge and maybe they wil be lucky enough to meet you. We have to tell you, though, that your parting words were among the classiest we have ever read. Run free, Skeezix. The Bridge is gaining quite a new resident!

    Purrs, Woofs and neighs from The Pouppunette Gang

  133. Skeezix, We think you are the most famousest & mostest loved of all the cats in the world! We will all miss you very much. We are so glad you have so many friends across the bridge to help you. If you meet our Mr. Pepper there, he will surely share his boner blanky with you. It is very soft & fluffy & he is a very friendly mancat who went to the bridge last year. We send lots of hugs & purrs to your family and friends. Love & rememberances always, Julie & Izzy

  134. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Never an easy time, losing a family member. You were an inspiration and you will be missed!

  135. Oh Skeezix!! We are crying and lots of tears are coming!
    We are glad you got to stay with your Mom & Dad for a some wonderful times!! We shall miss you! YOU were one of a kind and we will never forget you and all your adventures!! If you see Mr. Tigger give him a hug for us!! Lots of love and hugs to Your Mom & Mr. Tasty Face!!
    (((((((HUGGGSSSSS))))))) from your TX furiends,

  136. Pandi and friends |

    Skeezix was one of the first cat blogs we read. You will be missed lil friend. All our heartfelt sympathies to his family.

  137. We have heard that fashion at The Bridge is a long forgotten concept, so Skeezix will have his work cut out for him there as style make overs are desperately needed up there

    We are so sorry he had to leave, handsome young lad, gone far too soon….

    We send rumbly purrs and love

    Gerry, Mungo & The Ape xx

  138. Skeezix, it is hard to imagine the cat world without you in it. We have enjoyed your posts and your zest for life.
    It has been a privilege to have known you.
    We send comforting purrs to Mr Tasty Face and The Food Lady and your siblings.
    Purrs and Headbumps.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie
    and mom Nancy

  139. A very sad day. Very sorry to read the news.

    The Rainbow Bridge is a lot PINKER with the arrival of Skeezix. I hope it made FL and Mr. Tasty face feel a little bit better knowing you had SO many friends waiting for you at the bridge.

    We all love you Skeezix the Cat. Thanks for all the fun thru the years. Big hugs to your pawrents. XO

  140. You made this world a better place Skezzix! You showed us how to blog like a superstar…because you ARE ONE. Because of you, we have been inspired to try to be better cats….thank you for the journey.
    You are unforgettable and we will see you on the flip side when we all meet up again. Say Hi to Miss Peach….remember she is bossy, but orange!
    Love to the FL and Mr TF

  141. O Skeezix – here in Africa we are sending our love and wishes that you pass a lovely time at the bridge with all of your friends! This is not the end – it is a new beginning for you! :-)

  142. Milo and Alfie Marshall |

    Skeezix, we wished you didn’t have to leave your friends and family. But we are sending you love and purrs and know you will paint the Bridge pink as only you could do. Goodnight for now sweet boy ~ until we meet again.
    Love Milo and Alfie and our mom. xxx

  143. I’m so sorry of your lost of your beloved Skeezix. Unfortunantely we haven’s met earlier, but he must have been a wonderful cat. RIP Skeezix.

  144. We are so,so sorry you had to leave us Skeezix, our new sister Willow never gots to meet you, but we will tell her your stories so she knows. Our best purrs go out to all who feel your loss and we will meet again someday. Until then, peace to you and purrs to your family.
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  145. This is such a great loss for so many down here, but a tremendous gain for the Bridge. We will miss you, your are one of a kind, no doubt. Be free my friend. Love and purrs to your family.

  146. Oh, Skeez, we will miss you SO much here on earth. You brought us so much fun during your too-short stay on this planet. We love you!

    Purrs from Augie, Beckham, Cali, Daisy, Emmy, Fiona, Gabby, Perla and mommy Andrea

  147. Oh we are saddened beyond belief by this news. Our mommy has big leaks flowing out her eyes right now learning this sad sad news. Skeezix, you touched so many around the world including us and we’ll never forget you! So many purrs out to your family and all those who are grieving your loss. Enjoy the light at the bridge sweet Skeezy. We will see you there one day, friend.
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  148. OMG we couldnt believe this when we saw this this morning. We are so sorry for your loss. Purrs to you all.

  149. We’re so terribly sorry to read the news. We know how beloved around the CB he was and always will be.

    Sending soft purrs as you grieve.


  150. oh Skeezy,we cannot believe that you are gone. Our purrs and prayers to Mao, Tripper, the FL and Mr TF. We love you dood and we will meet you at the Bridge one day. We just cannot say goodbye right now….

  151. Kismet's Person |

    Oh, Skeezix. I love you and will never ever forget you. You will be so, so missed!

    Say hi to my man cat for me. Love and hugs.

  152. Dear Mr TF and Foodlady and Mao and Trip, we just want all of you to know that you are in our most fervent prayers. we know your terrible pain right now.
    Skeezix will never ever ever be forgotten.
    Please know that you are not alone in your sadness, and try to remember that Skeezie is safe now. He is truly safe.
    And he is with wonderful old friends.
    I am most certain that Caesar and Prinnie were there to meet him, and welcome him to comfort and rest.

  153. Skeezix, we are furry sorree dat yoo had to leeve efurrybody. We r sending our lufs to the fud Laydee, Mr. Tf and Mao and tripper.

  154. Dear Karen, Mr TF, Tripper and Mao, I first found Skeezix’s blog when a political writer from SFgate put up a link to your site. She said that when she got tired of politics and needed a laugh, she went to visit Skeezix’s blog. Little did I know that my world would change when I hit that link. I never knew there was a cat blogosphere! Halloween’s love of Rocky inspired her to create her own blog. But Skeezix was a world unto himself. He was the blog gold standard, because of his kindness, his interests, and his view of the world. He brought so many cats and people together, across the world and in person too. He made us happy reading about his adventures, and especially about his home life with all of you. He was adored and loved across the globe. Your loss and sadness are felt around the world today. Skeez was a one of a kind kitty. I am so sorry. I hope that St. Francis and St. Bernadette are at the Bridge to greet him with a warm embrace and tell him he never has to hurl again. I hope Rocky and Halloween and Sadie have a special place for him, and have put together a great outfit for him to tour the place across the Bridge for the first time. We will all miss him so. Lots and lots of love and hugs and purrs from Rafael and me and Jackpot. I hope Skeez can give Halloween a nice Mr TF face lick for me. xxxooo

  155. I am so sorry for your loss.

  156. So sorry to hear about Skeezix. He was one of a kind and we will miss him. Purrs…

  157. Jenna and Sissy |

    We just thought of you a couple days ago and wondered how you were doing. We are sad to hear you went to The RB, but we know you will see so many of your friends there. The RB will be even brighter with your sense of fashion, too. We’re sending hugs and purrs to those you left behind.

    Terri, Jenna and Sissy

  158. The cat blogosphere lost one of its great cats – Skeezix will be deeply missed by so many. Rest easy, sweet boy. You will never be forgotten.

  159. Oh Skeezix, we are so sad to read this. We loved your stories maybe as much as you did telling them. Big hugs and purrs to the Food Lady and Mr TF.

    Dip & Dot and Mom (Marg)

  160. Velcro Inky & Toots |

    Rest easy with your friends on the other side Skeezix old friend.

    Hugs from your biggest fans
    Velcro Inky & Toots

  161. We came to paw our sympathy, soft husky woooos,

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  162. I has not cried dis hard in a furry long time.
    Farewell, my furend, you will be missed. You have brought such joy to so many!

    I look forward to the day when we can meet at the bridge.
    Our most heart-felt condolences to the FoodLady and Mr.Tastyface.

  163. We’re very sorry for your loss. Purrs to everyone. Dear Skeezix, we met you only a few weeks ago, but we’re sad that you went one the Bridge so early. We’re sure you’ll be welcome by Angel Isis and Angel Hercule over there. Hugs. Loupi and Zorro

  164. Fare thee well, Skeezix. We seldom posted, but we always kept an eye on your adventures.

    Sending comforting purrrrrrss and gentle headbutttss to Mom Karen, Mr TastyFace and the rest of the crew.

  165. Run free and be free with your friends and family that have gone to the bridge before you. My heart is heavy today as I learned that you had left us. Though we didn’t visit much I knew you and we did get some visits in. You will be forever remembered and missed. Love to your family at this hard time.

  166. My throat is closing and my heart aches. Good Bye Friend.

  167. Fly free, Skeezix. You will be missed. Say hello to our angels, Colin and Panda if you can. And purrs to your family who will always love you. Eight years is too young…

  168. Oh Skeezix…

    Journey in JOY, dear kitty. You will leave a huge hole on this side. Please say hello to my Rexie-Puss, if you see him. I’m sending love to you, and to all those who are missing you so much.

  169. Purrs to help ease the pain in your hearts.

  170. Oh no, NO! TCB has lost a true icon who was loved by everyone. Our hearts go out to you for your loss. There will never be another Skeezix.

    To our pal, Skeez, you were an inspiration to all of us and we’ll truly miss you.

    The Crew: George, Tipper, Max, Misty and Crew’s Mom

  171. Oh my goodness… my heart thing is all way achy right now. It am so sad to hear of my friends that have crossed the bridge. Makes mine Momma all way sad too. I hopes your beans am ok. Purrs & Sandpaper Kisses

  172. I has a big Sad. I miss u, Skeezix. Luv!

  173. Karen Terrell |

    To Mr. TF & the food lady: May you feel better soon. Skeezix has brought me many a smile, though I’d started reading about him only a short while ago. I did fall in love (sorry, Daisy), and you had done an awesome job of translating his thoughts into words. He was truly an important purrsonality, and I know that you gave him a wonderful, though too short, life. Thank you so much.
    Love, Karen, KC, Libby, and Zeus.

  174. We send hugs and purrs at this sad time of loss. Skeezix was a special guy and much loved.

  175. Mighty Kitty |

    Oh Skeezy! I am leaking so much after finding this
    out. You are soooooo missed and pink will never be the same color cause it will always have a touch of blue in it now! My sorrow and love to FL and Mr. TF. This is a huge Skeezix size hole in their lives and hearts which is really a huge hole never to be filled again here. I feel like changing my name to something else cause you were the true “Mighty Kitty”.

  176. We send our condolences to The FL and Mr. TF. Say hello to Mohawk and Clyde for us, will ya Skeezix? Mom says that you always reminded her of Mohawk, which is why we think she has had a secret crush on you all these years. We love you and will miss you so much!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, Sky, and Mom Sue

  177. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs |

    May you run free in the tall green grass, with lots of warm sunbeams and cool gentle breezes on your fur, until you are reunited with your family, sweet Skeezix. You will never be forgotten and we will always love you and miss you little buddy. ♥ Sending purrayers and comfort to the FL and Mr. TF.

  178. oh no…

    MANY tears.
    but also gratitude that you are now giving fashion advice at the rainbow bridge, happy and healthy.

    please watch over those your earthly body left behind, skeezix!


    much love to you and your family, friends, and us, your many many fans!

    / gabriela, nova scotia duck tolling retriever princess "sienna" and little lord "amser", the orange whirlwind-mancat

  179. Oh Skeezix!! I am so sad. You are such a special cat and so very dear. You will be greatly missed here. I hope, though, that you and all your furiends at the Bridge will be happy forever.

  180. LOKi and Poffertje |

    We just go the news, and are soo sad. Yoo have been a wize and wunnerful leeder in so menny ways.
    Be in peese, owr deer, deer frend.
    We will see yoo agen sum day.

    • LOKi and Poffertje |

      And also say hi to Bean, and wen we are all together, we will have a party fur effurywun.
      We just don’t know how to say good-bye….

  181. We will miss you all the time ~~
    Hugs :(

  182. Louis LeBeau & family |

    We are so sad that you had to make your journey to Rainbow Bridge. You were always a great friend to us. Ethan & I are with you at the Bridge. We’ll hafta do a fashion show one day. (Miss you.)

  183. patty skypants & bhu |

    Yer attitude is inspiring! Even when you hasta go to the bridge and leave the FL & Mr. TF, you look forward to seeing yer old furrends! xxoo

  184. Reneda and the Baercats |

    I’m so sorry to learn of Skeezix’s journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I haven’t been online much recently so this took me quite by surprise. Skeezix was truly one of a kind. He redefined the cat world. “Beloved” is such an understatement. RIP sweet Skeezix. The world is a sadder place without you, but we are all better for having known you. Much love to you and to your family. I cannot even imagine their distress at this time. I hope they are able to find peace in their hearts.

  185. *wipes tears*
    Oh my dearest Skeezix, when my Mom and I read this a few days ago we were sad and have had leaky eyes since. It has taken me a while to be able to dictate this to mew because how does one and who ever likes to say goodbye? I have thought about it though and realized there doesn’t have to be a goodbye, for we will see one another again when it is our turn to go to the Bridge. I know mew are free of all pain and sickness there, the strong, happy, fashionable mancat mew were before the awful junk got inside mew. The same happened with my sister Černy almost a year ago- she was only ten and doing fine until one day and after a visit to the sticky doctor and surgery we got news that the awful junk had taken over her jaw, not wanting to let her eat. There was nothing to be done except take her home and help her eat and get medicine to feel better. Just like mew she was brave and strong and fought the awful junk, but like the FL and Mr.TF I’m sure felt bad seeing mew struggle, my Mom felt for my sister. Our humans knew the only place where you and Černy could go and not have the awful junk make you sick anymore was the Bridge. As much as that meant letting mew go, their love for mew didn’t want mew to suffer and what was best for mew.
    Mew were a blessing on this earth to mewz fans, furiends, and family. The joy and laughter mew brought to all, being a blog icon and inspiration, fashion tips, mewz strong muscles, extreme knowledge of all things human, about girlcats, vishus deer, and annoying siblings will go down in history and live synonymously with mewz name. Skeezix mew will never be forgotten, mew will be forever loved as I will forever love my sister who I know was one of many there to greet mew, she would be excited to discuss fashion with mew as she was a truly refined lady panther who kept her glossy black furs meticulously groomed right up until her journey. I know mew have so many there who love mew, so mew will never be lonely until mewz Mom, Dad, and bros see mew again.
    Thank mew for sharing mewz pawesomeness with the world sweet dude, fly free and forever loved.
    To the FL, Mr. TF, Tripper, and Mao:
    Please accept Ms. Phoebe and my sincerest sympathy in the loss of your amazing little guy. Many a day I looked forward to reading Skeezix’s posts upon seeing them in my inbox. Phoebe and I shared laughs, tears, amazement, and awe over his fabulous sense of style, keen observations on life, ladycats, humans, siblings, neighbors, traveling, and of course noms. As Phoebe noted in her comment, we too lost our little ladycat last July, quite suddenly and unexpectedly to cancer. Hearing about Skeezix’s diagnosis last month brought up memories and feelings of that time, and I felt much empathy with you. The loss is still felt quite often, yet has gotten better and I have no regrets letting her go when it was time. Please do not ever doubt any decisions or choice you made with Skeezix, we all know your deep love and respect for his unique soul and ginormous personality. What an honor it must have been to have 8 years with a mancat with such charisma and sweetness and I can attest his many fans feel honored that you shared him with us. You should feel proud to be the parents of a cat loved by so many around the world, who brought them much enjoyment and further appreciation of the feline species. His love for you was evident through the endless photos and videos we have enjoyed over the years– what an accommodating and mellow cat! And I know he felt even more love in his last days as you cared for him and then in that painful, dreaded moment: when he let you know he was ready to make his journey. No act of a pawparent is so difficult or more selfless than helping a fur baby make their peaceful journey to the Bridge. It is a final act of unconditional love and devotion for these little souls who are with us far too short of time. Skeezix is your angel now, and will be with you all in spirit I know, for I feel my girl often. Much love and peace we send to your family, you are in our thoughts as Skeezix is in our hearts.

    -Ms. Phoebe & Mom/slave Beth

  186. From Kissipurr, Darlin, Pinky, Handsome and all what a great catprint you left..

  187. Skeezix,

    So many happy memories that we recall since we first met on the Innernet in 2006, and joined as original members of the Friend of Skeezix club. We were so honored to be a small part of your world. We would visit your website for our daily laugh (or our daily cry when one of your followers made the trip across the Bridge). We will never forget the wonderful movies that you made and we very much cherished, especially the one with you chasing Mao out of his cardboard box, and the JibJab movies of you dancing with Daisy the Curly Cat. Who could top the awesome birthday party that you coordinated on 9/12/06 when you had an entire cat community dancing together, and then playing games like “Pin the Tail on Mao” or hosting a wonderful hat contest (Kalin participated and wore a hat made of feathers). We remember that Kalin enjoyed some dances with Skeezix, and Shabby met a kitty that he adored — Princess Ziporah. It was very fun and memorable.
    You were the BEST at honoring the cats who made their trips across the Rainbow Bridge, with nice and heart-warming wishes on your homepage. It touched our hearts so much when you created a little tribute to our baby girl Kalin who crossed the Bridge on 1/13/09. That was so beautiful. I’m sorry that the best that we can do for you is leave this small tribute on your page, and also some angel wings on your Catster page. You have touched the lives of so many cats and people, and we especially are grateful that you thought of us as your friends.
    May the Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face be reminded of your constant presence in their lives with the Susan Faye drawings that we hope you enjoyed as a present from our family to yours.
    Shabby will be eternally indebted to you for showing him how to wear a colorful and fashionable tuxedo.
    We miss you and love you dearly like one of our own.

    “Your family chain is broken,
    And nothing seems the same.
    But as God calls us one by one,
    The chain will link again.”

  188. We are so sorry to hear about Skeezix’s passing. He was one of the early cat bloggers we met, and glad we had the opportunity to know him over the years – and even meet his flat alter-ego in 2011. Sending our thoughts and condolences to Karen and the rest of the family.

    -Amar and Luna

  189. RIP dear Skeezix… You’ll be missed! Give our love to all of our friends at the Rainbowbridge!
    We wish Mrs. FL and Mr. TF all the best in this loss…
    Love from Tink, Arwen, Foofur, Freyja, Bastet & Maia

  190. Please say hello to brandi for us. Bet she’s saying “oh Skeez, now the parties will be so much more fun here!” And more fashionable, too.
    ((((hugs to your family))))
    QUINN and Carol

  191. Enjoy the bridge and thanks for sharing your wonderful life – you are amazing. FAZ

  192. Oh no! Our eyes are leaking a very lot that you had to leave your family Skeezix. We will miss you very much. Know that you have left many wonderful memories for all of us. We hope Mr. TF and all your family can feel the love being sent to them by so many who care.


    prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and gentle tail wags,
    Tiger Lily, Sushi and Marco Polo

  193. Oh My Catness Skeezix! We will miss you and all the goodness you purred forth to us in the cat blogosphere.
    Till we all meet again.
    Love from Timmy and the Tomcat Home

  194. Oh, Skeezix, I am so very sorry that you had to leave Mr. Tasty Face and the Food Lady to go to the Rainbow Bridge and be with all your friends up there. We will miss you very much.

    Karen Jo, Spyro, Oja, Rocio, Bambino and Jose

  195. I was so sad to hear about Skeezix. I used to blog as Rascal and Catzee, before Rascal crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Catzee disappeared. My heartfelt hugs for losing such an amazing cat as Skeezix.

  196. I am only a young kitten of nearly five months and never got to know the special cat Skeezix. I think he would have been a guide for me an a special friend. I may meet him oneday at the Rainbow Bridge.
    Until then …


  1. Rest In Peace, Skeezix | The Cat Blogosphere - [...] is with very sad hearts that we learned about the passing of the one and only Skeezix.  The beloved ...