I didn’t git to go see Clinton Kelly

This morning I got up vary vary erly so that I cood be ferst in line to see Clinton Kelly HOO IS MY IDUL at Macy*s in Concord. I pikt owt a vary kyoot and vary sofistikaytid onsombul:

But the time to go came and wint cuz the Food Lady had to werk. I had to shut my eyes vary vary tite so they woodn’t leek frum the disappointmint of not being abul to go. I’m trying to be a big boy abowt it, but that’s not eezy. My big bruther Mao sed I shood walk to the hiway and try to hitch a ride but I’m not suppost to hitchhike and I mite git grownded if I do that.

So, I spended the rest of my day inspekting the pakijes that have arrived for my berthday tomorrow. The Food Lady won’t let me open them until my berthday, wich seems like it’s taking furrever to git heer. All of the pakijes smell reely reely good!!!!!

And the one I am most ixsited abowt is the one that came frum my speshul frend, Daisy. Daisy has such good taste, and she’s always so thotfull, that I can’t wate to see whut see sended me!!!!

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