I saw Guido last nite!

I think most of yoo know that one of my vary best frends is Guido the Italian Kitty. (His name is purrnownst “GWEE-doe.” I dunno why he spells it the way he duz. He livs in San Fransisko, and he’s vary famous. He’s bin on teevee with da grate Chuk Woolery. He’s a working cat, just like me; he’s an Animul Asssted Therupy cat. That’s him in the pikcher above, and I’m sittin in his Morgan Bed — Morgan made me a Morgan bed ixzaktly like it, but in pink!

Well, on Friday we got to go to San Fransisko to hang with Guido and his roommates Yolo and Baci. Baci’s a geezer like Rocky so she naps a lot, but Yolo is yung and fun like me.

Thare were sum ladeez thare, too. Not just Guido’s mom hoo did the cookin, but Chai Latte‘s mom and Luci’s mom. Thare Catsters. Luci’s mom brot catnip cigars and cat dansers fur us and Guido’s mom gave us peecock fethers. (Peecock fethers are ginormous fethers that almost reech to the seeling.) The ladeez drank lots of happy joose and got reely lowd. Heer’s a pikcher of the ladeez: frum L to R: Chai Latte, Little Bit and Sugar’s mom, me, Guido’s mom and Guido, and Luci’s mom. The FL was thare too, but she had to take the pikcher!

Mostly, me and Guido and Yolo played with the good catnip cigars and covered owr eers win the ladeez talked too lowd. It was a lot of fun! I’m lucky the FL takes me to fun nites owt on the town. Thank yoo, Guido and Guido’s mom fur a grate time!


This weekend at the Cat’s Meow:

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