Happy Birthday, Daisy!

We're wishing Daisy a Happy Birthday!Hey, evrybuddy!

I deesided to relaunch Skeezix’s Scratching Post on a vary speshul day, today. It is my speshul frend, Daisy the Curly Cat‘s berthday.

I have known Daisy the Curly Cat almost my hole entire life. When I ferst got to know her, she seemed vary igzotik and sofistikated. And we had a lot in common cuz we both had big ears and an innate fashun sense and we both LOVE pink.

On February 14th, 2008, I asked Daisy to go steddy with me. This is after she had alreddy bin my speshul frend for a yeer. If you were not thare for that milestone event, you can reed the transkript heer. Boy, I just about wet my pants waiting for her to say yes!!!

Anyway, today is Daisy’s berthday. I used to say we had kind of a Demi-Ashton thing going on becuz she is OLDER than me, but I don’t say that anymore cuz Ashton is a skummypig. But I digress. Daisy is ate yeers old and I am only seven. But I will be ate in September. So that meens Daisy and I have a Feb-September romanse.

I dreem about flying to Florida one day and viziting with Daisy. Altho not going poopers on the plane for five hours mite be hard. But it is on my bucket list.

This is one of my most faveritest fotos of Daisy:

daisy the curly cat

I like this becuz her dress is ::wispers:: low cut. I have to admit, it gives me urjes. After all theeze yeers, Daisy still gives me the urjes. She may be ate yeers old, but she’s STILL GOT IT. That’s how you know it’s troo love: win yer speshul frend is reely old, but she’s still GOT IT.

Happy PURRthday, Daisy!



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  1. Welcome back, Skeezix! And wut a wunderful day to sellabrate!

  2. Great to see you back Skeezix. Daisy does look very glamorous in that outfit, but she may not overjoyed at you saying she is reely old. We have wished her a Happy Birthday.

  3. wuttza “skummypig”
    jus wunderin.
    yeah … i had da hotz fer daisy miself … diden’t we all … but dere wuz no way any uv us cood compeet wid u skeez. yer da man.

  4. Oh Skeezix, I am so very happy that you are back at last!!!!! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the extra-beautiful flowers!!! How did you know daises are my very favorites?!?!? XOXOXOXOXOXO!

  5. Skeezix, we love you and have missed you!!!
    You and Daisy make a perfect pair.
    Katie and Glogirly

  6. dude!! welcome back!! we are soooo happy to see your page again. we’ve been readin’ mousebreth wif our mommer, but we sure haf missed readin’ about yer daily patrols, an’ inneractions wif mao an’ trip an’ mr tastyface an’ the fl, an’ seein’ pictures of you out by the big pond or perched up onna balcony.

    we knows you’s a bizzy, bizzy guycat, but whatefur nuggets … uhhhh, maybe that ain’t eggsackly the correct werd to use wif you … glimpses of life at chez skeezy (we thinks that’s more high-toned than skeezyville, acause you are a high-toned kinda guy!) you wanna share, we’ll be right here waitin’ to share ‘em!!

    mancatly luff an’ best fishes–
    ed, nitro, an igmu

    (well! i like THAT! those rotten boycats haf left me outta the email entirely. Skeezix, i wants you to know that i think you are a Very Fine Example of Mancathood, an’ if Miss Daisy weren’t such a sweet an’ nice Very Fine Example of Ladycathood, i would set my cap for you. so there.

    (your furriend, Xing Lu)

  7. Hey Skeez, we’re happy to see that you’re back!