Kismet Update

Heer is an update on Kismet from Kismet’s person. He made it through the night! Keep those purrers purring!

I went to the emergency vet this morning pretty much expecting to put Kismet to sleep. I called them at 6 am to find out how he was doing and all the tech said was that he was still on oxygen and still having trouble breathing, so I assumed he was in the same condition as last night (which was awful). But when they let me in to see him, he was alert, grumpy and had apparently been growling at the vet (for Kismet, a very good sign he’s feeling more like himself). They discharged him with his X-rays and sent me back to my vet.

My vet compared the X-rays from the ER doc to the ones they had taken yesterday and then took another one. They said his lungs look clearer and that the enlarged heart that the ER doc said he saw on the X-rays could have just been additional fluid in his lungs. But then the doctor listened to his heart (in between Kismet’s growling) and said he thinks he hears a heart murmur. He wants me to take Kismet to a town about 40 mins away for a heart ultrasound to see if he has a heart disease, most likely hypertrophic cardio myopathy. But he also said he’s positive that part of the problem is lung pneumonia. I am exhausted, and Kismet is exhausted, and I don’t have a ton of money to spend at this point because I spent nearly $1,000 last night, so I asked if he would feel comfortable just treating the pneumonia for now and seeing how he responds. The vet agreed, so Kismet is at my vet currently being given pneumonia antibiotics and diuretic injections to try to eliminate some of the fluid in his lungs. If he responds to that treatment I will try to schedule an appointment for the ultrasound next week after I get paid. If he starts feeling better tonight, I’ll bring him home (with meds, and my vet’s home number) and then drop him off before work tomorrow so they will be able to watch him while I’m there. They were also going to try to feed him (I told him, “he’s not picky. just give him wet food”). Before I took him in yesterday his appetite was fine, so I’m hoping he’ll eat something there, too, though the rage may prevent it.

If Kismet has heart disease, I am comfortable giving him medication for the rest of his life as long as it will be a comfortable, happy, relatively painless life. If it’s just prolonging his suffering, I won’t do it. Which will be awful.

This has been one of the hardest days/nights of my life. I miss him so, so much. If you are the praying or good energy or good thoughts kind, please keep him in yours. He’s my man cat, and losing him would be terrible.

Please let me know if you have questions and thank you for your support.

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