Skeezix the Cat watches movies with Mao

I wated and wated today fur my purrsonal purrfeshunul fotograffer to show up and take my St Patrick’s Day fotos, inklooding the foto of me in my lucky shamrock panties. But she wuzn’t heer. Me and my big bruther Mao watched movies (Mao figyerd out how to turn it on with nobuddy home), and then we napped, then I did my patrols and then we watched sum more movies, and I had the sqwerts and STILL the FL flaked out. So I’m gitting vary nerviss that I won’t git the fotos taken in time. And I’m shur Daisy will be hartbroken win she discuvers that thare is NO FOTO of me in my lucky shamrock panties to give her urjes.


PEE ESS: I rote a riveting artikul today on sum exciting goings on in Castro Valley by the big forest. And don’t furget to Ask Max a qweschun for Ask Max Munday!

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  1. We hope that photographer shows up tomorrow, Skeezix.

  2. wow … da title uv yer post an da link to yer pantiez wuz disturbin to me … until i realized it wuzzen’t sumthin u did … but it wuz sumthin dat da fotografer diden’t do.
    whew. dat wuz close.
    good luck gettin da pikshur tomorrow. i’ll be waiting.

  3. LOKi and Bean |

    Weer shur the FL will come thru. Remember, she haz a lotta things going all at wuns!

  4. It’s hard to get good staff nowadays Skeezix.

  5. we read that storry about the bean who rescued the kitteh–verry aciting repurrtin’, skeezie!!

    we hopes her fotografer showed up, although we’re not sure we’d let somebuddy take a picture of us in our scanties!! you are furry brave!!