Mancats, HELP!

axe, the orange cat down the street who makes me feel sparkly inside

I need help frum my mancat frends.

This week, I desided to Ask Max a private qweschun abowt the orange cat down the street hooz name is Axe. He got that name cuz his dad’s a fireman. He has dreemy green eyes.

It wuz kind of a sensitive qweschun, so I asked Max not to use my name on that qweschun and Max sed he woodn’t and I got it in riting. But still, I think sum cats on the innerwebs mite have figyered out it wuz me and if a sertin curly cat finds out, I cood be in big trubbles.

So, without akshully spelling out the private qweschun I asked Max, cood you give advice as to whut I should do??? Or maybe is it no big deel? Am I overthinking it?

Has anybuddy bin watching Smash?????? I just LOVE it!

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  1. I am amazed at the lengths yoo will go to imberriss yerself online.

  2. Even tho us orange cats are furry handsum, we think yoo need to remane troo to yore sirtin curly cat. Yoo hav a long historee with her, and ennything with the orange cat could just be a one-niter that yoo will regret.

  3. oh fer d-o-g sake, skeezix. a orinje cat? first … orinje catz ar jus nachurally stoopid … an next … axe izza guy.
    yer mi bes frend … but i don’t know wut to say to u.
    yerz …

  4. Hummmp those ginger fur ball are nothing but trubble i know my mama has too meany I say sitck wiff day and stop playing around wiff the stupid giner

  5. Skeezy – we are trying to add your new blog to our reader and can’t seem to do it – how can we do this so we don’t miss out on your awesomeness?

    Cody and Gracie