Maybe a new kareer is in order

I have spent the last cuppul of days doing a rigeruss self-assessmint of my life and my kareer goles. After loozing in the Nashunul Spellin Bee for the secund yeer in a row, I mite just have to consider that spellin is not my fortay. I was lookin thru SFGATE and fownd this pikcher of a dawg in a pet singin competishun. Then it hit me: maybey I shood take up singin insted of spellin. I know I can reely belt it owt, and I think with a littul purrfesshunul trayning, I mite be abul to make a go of it. Mao sez I sing like a gerl, but Mr TF sez it just meens I’m a tenner. I’m gonna hafta find owt whut a tenner is.

I’ll have to chek with my best frend Kismet to see if he knows this chiwawa, becuz as yoo all know, he used to run with a chiwawa gang on the streets of Noo York. He mite be abul to put me in tuch and I can figyer owt how to git a singin kareer started. As yoo all know, it’s impawtunt to netwerk with yer frends if yoo wunt to git to the top. I also have to kunfer with my Life Coach Jeter Harris to see if this is the rite path for me. Life coaches can tell yoo things like that.

I do know that the chiwawa’s name is Spike and he was singing “Rocky Top” at the Smoky Mowntin Critter Fest in Tennusee. I think Rocky the Guttercat wood like that song. Spike knows the importinse of waring kyoot owtfits!

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