Me an Jackson Galaxy

skeezix the cat and jackson galaxy

I admit, I wuz a little nerviss about meeting da grate Jackson Galaxy, cuz I wuz afrade Mr TF mite ask him about my boner blankie or sumthing imberrissing like that. But Jackson (I call him Jacksie cuz we’re just that close) immediutely put me at eeze. Win me an the FL were standing in the back of the room (we were a little lat cuz our plane got broken and thare was a delay gitting home) and Jacksie spotted the FL in the crowd and sed, “Wow I love your glasses! Wait! I know you!” The Food Lady thot he wuz talking to her, but he wuz reely talking to me.

We got Max’s book sined, and then we wated arownd and the FL interviewed Jacksie for Mousebreath. I got to watch her and the Mousebreath video crew at work! It was thrilling.

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  1. Doood! YOU GOT TO MEET HIM! I’m not sure how I’d feel if he held me up by my ear, but still…YOU TOUCHED FAME!!!

  2. Jackson is one cool dude. He pawtographed a picture of me and said I was cute. I’m glad you got to meet him!

  3. Skeeze! You nearness to famous folks is a testament to your own awesomeness!
    Hope you had an amazing interview!

    • We had a GRATE innerview! We’ll post it on mousebreath just as soon as the mousebreath video editing team finishes … and I got sum pikchers of you an me in St Lewis!

  4. Oh I am so jealous! Really.

  5. That is so cool that you got to meet the grate Jackson Galaxy! We can only dream of meeting him.

  6. Oh. My. COD! Skeez…we can’t believe you actually met the one and only Jackson Galaxy, and you stood right next to him!!

  7. So everybody had little time to talk to him at the event? he can take pic with our cat like you did? he’s coming to my area this week.. I want to get prepared …

  8. Imoe, the Food Lady set up the innerview ahed of time with JG’s publisher and publicist. But I notist he wuz vary nice about letting peeple and cats hoo were having thare books sined have thare pikchers taken with him. He wuz vary vary nice that way.

  9. Wow, you’re a very lucky kitty! Mom met him at a book signing here in NJ, she was thrilled & said that he was very nice.