Modeling My Lucky Panties

The moment you’ve all been wating for!
Skeezix models his lucky shamrock panties for St Patrick's Day
Grab yer smelly salts, Daisy, cuz you are abowt to witness one of the most purrfect displays of big feline mussels ever seen in Castro Vally by the Big Forest.

Yes, it’s time to model my lucky panties!

Which do you like best — the frunt shot that shows off my six-pak abs, or the tush shot?

Heer’s the frunt view:

Skeezix Modeling His  Lucky Panties

And heer’s the tale hole shot:

Skeezix models his lucky shamrock panties for St Patrick's Day

As yoo can planely see, these are finely krafted panties, and they have TWO kinds of good luck on them: shamrocks and horse shooz.

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  1. I bet those are some lucky panties, Skeezix!

  2. xingy’s fainted from yer mancatliness, dood!! (thanks–it keeps her frum hissin’ at us fur a while.)

  3. Wow Skeezy!!! We are in awe of your mancatliness!!! Those are great boxers!!!

  4. Dood! Your masCATline display of tail an’ muscles are giving me the vapors! Love those clover panties, Skeeze!

  5. Skeezix! Your pants are awesome!!

  6. DOOD! Those are awesome! I am truly jealous of your 6 pack, too. I have a keg. The wimmens aren’t as impressed with that…

  7. Tale shot fer yerz troolee! Nice pantiez skeez! Da wate wuz werth it!

  8. I am going to ask my Mom to buy me some!

  9. Wow….Ivy just fainted when she saw those pics!!

  10. Oh gosh Skeezix… tough call. Your bum is awfully cute….but since I have a toe fetish and the front shot not only shows your six pack abs, but also shows those cute toes, I’m going to have to go with the front shot as my favorite. :~)

  11. Daisy is going to be overwhelmed when she sees your photos. You are so mancatly!

  12. We like the tale shot! Great pants Skeezix!

    Luf, Us

  13. Whew….that’s a whole lot of lucky ManCat!!

    The Florida Furkids

  14. you look very manly and handsome in those