My Bartender Frend

Bartender and Skeezix

This is my new best frend, the bartender I met tonite on owr trip to lern about wild cats in Afrika. Look at the grate glasses he is waring! They are pink and they have dimunds in them all over. It’s a krappy pikcher cuz the FL didn’t wunt to bring her hevy camra and used the flipcam to take the pikcher wich wuz stoopid cuz yoo can’t take a good pikcher with a flipcam in barz cuz thare izn’t enuf lite. I don’t remember too much that happend after that cuz this city is one of the beer capituls of America, and, well… you can gess the rest.

Tomorrow we go home, but I won’t mind cuz I git to meet da grate Jackson Galaxy tomorrow nite! I’m about to wet my pants in excitement. Or maybe I just had too many muther’s milks.

PEE ESS: Max, I thot of you cuz we had reel live fresh ded shrimp rapt in BACON!! It just duzn’t git any better than that!

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  1. That sounds heavenly. I am so jealous that you get to meet Jackson Galaxy!!!

  2. Holy crap, I think I just peed myself. Real live fresh dead shrimp in bacon AND you get to meet Jackson Galaxy? Dood, you are living the life!!!