My Lucky Panties Came!

Lucky Shamrock Panties

Well frends, I just wunted to update yoo cuz my weekend just got a hole lot better. The man in the BLOO shorts brot my lukky shamrock panties. Maybe he realized that the man in the brown shorts was delivering them too slow and ressled him to the grownd and rushed rite over to deliver them to me.

I will have just enuf time to de-funkify them before I ware them… heer I am inspekting them; they smell ok. Altho I dunno whut funk and cooties smell like. Mao sez they probly smell like Tripper.

Tomorrow: the fotos! Git reddy for sum big mussel akshun and a tale hole!

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  1. skeez
    doze ar sum grate lookin pantiez. an i know dey ar lucky! why maybe u will get lucky wid dat (stoopid) orinj cat dat givez u urjez. (duhr.)
    i am lookin forwerd to seein da fotoz.

  2. We can’t wait to see you in those flashy panties, Skeezix!

  3. I’m so excited they came! Now, what will you do in them?

  4. Those are great looking lucky panties. Daisy will have to keep an eye on you because all the ladycats will be after you.

  5. LOKi and Bean |

    Purrifik! Weer so glad thay arrived!