My Thanksgiving Strole

Today was a grate day. The Food Lady was home all day and we got to go for a strole IN THE BIG FOREST!!! This was the ferst time I ever vencherd into the big forest and at ferst I was scairt becuz as evrybuddy knows, that’s ware the vishus deer live. But I brot my Mao & Rocky’s Vishus Deer Repelunt and sed, “bring it on!”

We walked down owr street to git to the big forest. Along the way, thare was a howse having werk done to it, and it had a peepul litter box in the frunt yard. The Food Lady laffed at the sines on the peepul litter box:

At anuther nayber howse, they had a skare krow like frum the Wizzerd of Oz. The krows arn’t scairt of this skarekrow eether!

And this nayber had a terkey! That’s how I knew it had to be Thanksgiving today!

Win we got to the big forest, we had to klime thru the gate. This ment that Mr TF had to take me owt of my stroler, and fold the stroler up so it wood fit thru the gate. WoW! I didn’t know yoo cood do that! Heer’s whut it looked like after he unfolded the stroler and put me bak in:

We saw sum peepul and a dawg running in the big forest. I think they were running frum the vishus deer. Not me. I had my Mao & Rocky’s Vishus Deer Repelunt with me.

We saw sum vary byootiful leefs. They were so byootiful, they cood almost be flowers!

Heer were sum more dawgs we saw in the forest. One of them had just gottin a perm and his hares were still way too frizzy. I bet he was imberrist to be seen in publik like that!

My TF chekt on me evry wunce in a wile to make shur I wasn’t too scairt of the vishus deer and the lions and tigers and bares. But I was brave.

This trale wint beehind my bakyard! I got way ternd arownd!

I am vary lukky that I got a Jeep Rubicon stroler becuz I can go offrode in it. Heer I am way offrode, but my Jeep Rubicon stroler did not have any trubbul negosheeating the turane.

Mr TF had to rest part of the way. I kept him cumpany.

I saw theeze terryfying things in the bushes. I think it’s whut the vishus deer use to help them skewer tender yung joosy cats hoo wander into the big forest withowt thare Mao & Rocky’s Vishus Deer Repelunt! Needless to say, I didn’t git too close!

We got to go beehind Mr Tinydik’s howse. At the top of the pole is one of his many sekyerity camras. It sweeps bak and 4th, 24 howrs a day. But the best part is yoo can see his trane trak — and 2 lokomotives were going down and arownd and bak on it. This is the green lokomotive. The other wun (wich yoo can’t see heer) is oranje.

Win we got to the top of the mowntin, thare was a ginormous yard: the biggest yard I’d ever seen! It mite be the vishus deer’s frunt yard, so I had Mr TF pik up the pace. Better safe than sorry. Then we wint downhill, and I got to go WHEEEEEEE!!!!

Then we got to the gate and the Jeep Rubicon stroler got folded up agin:

And win we got home, we saw that da grate Mr Tinydik was gitting reddy to put his Krissmiss dekerayshuns up. I’m shur they will be….. big.

Later, my faverite cuzzin Eric came over, and Dave and Pam and Gramma were all thare, and we had TERKEY!!!!!! Even tho I didn’t git to see the fameus Chuck Erreca Rest Stop this Thanksgiving, it was still pritty grate! Hope yoo all had a good one, too!

PEE ESS TO JETER HARRIS: I tride to git Mr Tasty Face to ware shorts so yoo cood see his legs, but he sed it wasn’t shorts wether.
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