Pole Rezults: Why do yoo blog?

Heer are the rezults frum last week’s pole asking the qweschun: Why do yoo blog?

THE WINNER: To ixpress myself kreativly (25.7%).

To meet new frends: 17.1%
Becuz evryone whoze anyone is doing it: 14.3%
To distribyoot importunt informayshun like abowt the vishus deer: 11.4%
For sumthing to do between naps and dinner: 11.4%
Becuz chicks dig it: 11.4%
Other: 8.6%

New pole on Monday!

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1 Comment

  1. Rosie & Cheeto |

    While we blog to ixpress ourselfs kreativly we also appreshiate the ones who distribyoot inportunant infurmashum abowt the vishus deer. In the werds of skeezix, “WE SALYOOT YOO!”