Size Matters. Or Not.

Big Mao and Little Skeezix

Cats are surprized win they meet me cuz they can’t beleeve I’m so small and sinewy. Heer is a foto that shows how small I am compared to my big bruther Mao. I am nothing but a bag of big mussels. 6 pownds of hardbody. I’ve never considered being small a disadvantidge ixsept win Tripper takkles me becuz he thinks I’m a little wite rat. But with my big mussels I can purrtekt myself pritty good.
Whut wood you rather be? Big and fluffy or small and sinewy with big mussels?

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  1. Well I’m actually kind of tiny myself… now let’s see those muscles when you pick Mao up because he’s laughing to hard…

  2. Boy, Chey you shur know how to make Mao howl!!!

  3. We knew you were small Skeezix, but you look tiny beside Mao, or is he huge? I used to be almost 4 times as big as you when I was 23lbs, but since my diet I am only just over 3 times as big as you at 19lbs. You have a very fit and mussely body and if I wasn’t big I would like to look like you.
    We have nommynated you.

  4. Skeez – that button on your blog to vote didn’t work for us. Could you check it again so we can come back later and vote?

    I’m long and fluffy, but I got muscles too, just like you!

  5. Wow Skeez! We are all about 14 pounds, so you would be small next to us too! But we bet you have more muscle than we do!!!!!

  6. I’m kinda happy being a big guy, but I wouldn’t mind having the muscles. I bet I would get my way more often if I had bigger muscles.

  7. You know, Skeez, size doesn’t matter. I’m very small, too, but I’m feisty!

    Your freind

  8. Bocce Tabby |

    I am big and fluffy, but I have muscles too. Mom says I am built like a brick litterbox.