Step 1 to BigManCathood: Git Scars

Rocky told me that a good way to become a Big Man Cat is to git scars. So he gave me one. He’s a good frend that way. He also sed it’s good for gitting chiks becuz it brings owt thare maternul instinks. Heer is a pikchur of my new scar. I pointid to it with the arrow. It will probably be thare for the rest of my life. It duzn’t hert…. much.

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  1. Um…yea…the scar is a good start. But, ya can’t be a big man cat AND wear pink at the same time. Stay true to yurself Dude!

    P.S. – we can’t wait to see yur cheerleader outfit (though another example of what not to wear as a big man cat)

    P.S.S. – we finks the girlies love ya for who ya is already :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your scar, Skeezix.

    By the way, my mom says some girl cats like a man cat who has a softer, sensitive side, so just be yourself!

    Thanks again for the FOS stuff! I posted about it here: Mail for Me? My Friends of Skeezix Stuff!

  3. Ooooooohhh! Aaaaaaahhhh! Look at yer scar! You look so rugged! Boy, that Rocky is a good friend. I wish I could give you…. I mean it… a kiss so it feels better.

    ps: I think our brains are alike, because I posted a picture of a scar today too!!!

  4. daisy … i hav a scar too … i do … it’z sumware … lemme find it fer u!

  5. PLUS remember that you had that woond on your ear, which as I said before, really ups your street cred.

  6. Wow. Dat is wun impresif scar. Ooh, and Daisy is wuntin to kiss it fur u!!
    Luf, Us

  7. Oh… awwwww poor Skeezix.
    Scar or no scar… we think you are adorrrrable.

  8. Kaze, Latte, or Chase |

    Well it sounds as if your girl Daisy certainly approves! You could always wear an eye patch, the pirate look is always sexy!

    I wonder if Chey thinks my leg scar is hot…I’ll have to ask her.


  9. Icon Baxter Bentley |

    It’s a good thing that you have Rocky to let you know about such things! No one told me this bit about scars being attractive to the Ladies. Do you think Rocky will give me a nice looking scar if I teleport over? I’ll trade him some nip!

  10. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy |

    Good frend? Skeez if Rocky iz beeting up on yoo he’z just being meen. ‘Speshully if it’z ovvur yoor tunnul boks. Tell him to stop or this spicy vixen is gonna put da bitey on him. But as long as yoo alreddy gots it, it iz pritty kewl.

  11. Oh Skeezix,

    I am certain that many girls love you without the scars. Especially one so close to your lovely eye(s).

  12. Merlin & Dobby |

    Skeezix, I hope that doesn’t hurt too much. Although it was nice of Rocky to help you out, I guess. But I’m hoping to be a Big Man Cat without scars, cause I don’t like to get hurt.


  13. Rosie & Cheeto |

    HAHAHAHA, luk at skeezix’s labels!! Yoo have us laffing laffing laffing!!

  14. Skeez,
    That’s a good start. But ya know the ladies also like a guy that shows then a good time and give ‘em good stuff ta eat. I’m thinkin’ a ride in your stroller and a little stinky goodness might be a good date for ya.
    If they gets a little scared in yer stroller ya just snuggle close sos they feel better.

  15. Skeezix your cute with or without the scar.I sure you’ll find a girlfriend Daisy is a great choice.

  16. Finnegan & Buddy |

    Yup, you look reely ruff and manly in that pikshur. I’m sure all the girlycats are furry impressd now. I woodn’t totally trust Rocky tho, there is the ishoo of yore tunnel box.

    Finny & Buddy

  17. Whoa, doood, that’s awfuilly close to your eye! Did you give Rocky one in return?

  18. Grr, Midnight & Cocoa |

    we wuz just at Eclair’s blog an she sed she’s got a big huge crush on you an wants ta be yur valentine an so now ya got gurls comin’ at ya frum efurry direckshun pracktikkly

    (LUV the labels)

  19. Skeezix, did you get in a fight? First step on the way to Man Cat.

  20. Cecilia & The 2Bs |

    Wos Skeez, we hope your scar doen’t hurt. But it does make you look very manly.

  21. DaisyMae Maus |

    Oh, Skeezix … Rocky is feeding you a line. Scars aren’t what attract the ladies. Things like sweetness and inate fashion sense are what REALLY get the ladies interested.

    I keep hearin’ about FOS stuff. I never got any stuff and I’ve been your best friend furr-ever! Sniff …


  22. Today apparently was Scarface Tuesday, as you, Daisy and me all showed our scars. I think you are a “metrocatual”, and accept it. The ladies love it, I mean, you sent FLOWERS to Daisy! My Dad always told Mom that “with flowers and box of chocolate, I can rule the world”. Too bad chocolate is bad for kitties….


    PS I’m glad you liked my scar too…

  23. Hmphhh. I don’t have any scars. And I can’t even give scars like your Rocky, ’cause I’m totally clawless. But I got a big chest and a manly belly flop, so you wanna get together and go troll for babes, my man?

    CEO, ArtsyCatsy

  24. Mr Zenith & Fancidots Gang |

    Hi Skeeze!
    That is un terrawwsum scar! Our meowmy scolds us when she sees us with owr clawz owt.
    Tiger bitz my errz, and I fold um reel fast. I love my granpa Tiger I cant figger why he is allwaze bitin at my hed. He maks lotz uf noiz an meowmy skolds him. I play innosent and get treats and extra luvvies. MOL!
    I think gurl katz all luv yu Skeez caus yur so smart and hansom, and if yur ther boyfrend they can borruw yur fin wardrob.

    Yur still my bestest frend.
    Yur pal – Zenith

  25. You are just becoming more and more manly every day, Skeezix! Where *will it all end?

  26. Skeezix, that is some scar! But it looks like it’s attracted Daisy!

  27. wow, that looks like it hurts!

  28. Oooh, Rocky smacked you a good one, much too close to your eye. Were you trying to evict him from your tunnel box again? You don’t need scars to attract the ladies. Just be warm and caring and snuggly and they will be yours forever.