Still MORE fotos!

More fotos! Theeze are mixt together, both New Yawk and O-HI-O:


This is not a vary ixsiting foto, but I wunted yoo to see the FL’s pink Hello Kitty watch. I’ve bin giving her lessins in how to aksesserize. She’s with the vary glammeriss Miss Mochy:

This is my noo fabyuluss best frend, Kira Kuck. She was dresst vary glamerussly and she was one of the Fansy Feest artists! She has two cats and livs in New Yawk.

I have 2 dawg pikchers frum the art gallery reesepshun cuz the dog was scairt of me an Jete and woodn’t hold still. Then win she did hold still, the FL didn’t have us in focus (too much happy joose!). Me an Jete were laffin an laffin that we scairt that little wite dog. Cats rool, dogs drool, that’s whut we alwayz say … win we’re not laffin an laffin and saying “Life is Grate!”

I was SO IXSITED win I saw the Win Harry Met Salley arch. Cuz Meg Riyun is just da titz and Billy Krisstil is vary funny. He makes me laff an laff. It’s kinda hard to see me, so I hilited ware I am and drawed an arrow to it.


One of owr ferst stops in Bellfowntin O-HI-O was the Welcome Center. It was closed:

This is Robbyn and Joseph of They gave me thare ottograffs! They also filmed the FL going “WOOFIE WOOOO!” and making a fool owt of herself. Boy, that was so imberrissin. (Yoo can see why I was so imberrist by watching the video heer. She’s at the 7:48 point in the video. I think this is her couchjumping moment.)

This is me with one of my new best frends, Andrea Arden of Animal Planet’s “Underdog to Wonderdog” series hoo wuz a keynote speeker at BlogPaws. I KNEW I shooda brot hed shots with me to hand owt to peeple like her.

We stopt at a Darey Qween so the FL cood use thare litter box, and I got to sit in a reel live Radio Flyer!!!! It was a vary sweet ride. And the kids we kikt owt of it so I cood take my pikcher didn’t even kry vary much.

Let me say this up frunt: Rolling Rok is NOT Mother’s Milk. But it was a warm afternoon and it hit the spot.

We were laffin an laffin win we saw this billbord:

This is in Bellfowntin O-HI-O. This is the howse that the FL’s grate grandfather bilt arownd the tern of the 20th century, abowt a squillion yeers ago. It’s not a pulayshul manshun like Jeter livs in, but it wuz nice. I suspekt that thare patio in the bak needs a powerwash. And I won’t even beGIN to think whut thare growt looks like.

Yoo can see how IXSITED I am in this pikcher to be at the highest point in ALL of O-HI-O. I thot we’d have to klime reely hi, like Mownt Evrist to git there, but we just drove up in the sporty blak masheen.

Heer we are at the Stony Creek Fezint Club neer Bellfowntin. It is acrost the street frum the semeterry ware the FL’s grate grate grandperunts are berried. Boy we had to drive the sporty blak masheen all over lots of hills by lots of barns with stars on them to find the semeterry, wich the peepuls at the Bellfowntin Jeeny Olojee Society hadn’t ever herd of even tho it’s like two miles away.

Heer is a bunch of CCLs at BlogPaws, rite after the FL got thru speeking. Left to rite, they are Teri (Disco and Brighton’s Mom, and the pusher of da Pink Catillac, the most byootifullest stroller I’ve ever seen!); Teri’s frend and driving buddy, Carol; Parker and Rudy’s Mom, Helen; the Furry Bambino’s Mom, Sue, the FL and mom Robyn (of the hotties; aka George the Duck). Boy, it was a reel gabfest!

Heer is Brighton, giving me a hey-how-ya-doin greeting. He had almost the igzakt same coloring as me! If I got a pernament wave, and he had a pernament case of the sqwerts, we cood almost be twins!

This is the FL with the Life with Dogs guy, hoo happens to be Nigel Bugger’s dad. He’s always dissin’ on cats, saying “Dogs rool, cats drool,” wich evrywun knows is a reedikuluss and untroothful thing to say. So the FL sed, “Cats rool dogs drool,” rite before she sed, “LOVE the pink shert.” So even tho he izn’t vary smart, not realizing that cats rool, he knows how to dress in kyoot clothes.

BlogPaws treeted us to a nice dinner with live (versus ded?????) myoosik. The band let me sit in on keybords….

… AND on drums:

Heer’s me an Mom Robyn on owr way to gitting brekfist noms. They had good sines at BlogPaws (yoo mite need to biggify to reeed it):

This is the chest of BrewskiButt’s mom, hoo is a FABulous artist. She’s showing off her iPhone skin wich she deezined. (Hey, FL, win yoo gonna skin YER fone with ME?) They live in Canton, O-HI-O wich is ware the FL’s gramma and grampa met and falled in love.

They had big purrjekters at BlogPaws, and I was one of the pikchers they put up thare. I wish I’d known, I wooda fixed my hares ferst.

Heer I am, bloggin at BlogPaws. I’m always werkin’!

This is also Bellfowntin. Heer, I am standing rite in the Bellfowntin Fowntin — and I didn’t even git wet!!!! That’s my kinda fowntin!

This is Bellfowntin, too. This is the home of the vary vary vary ferst konkreet street ever bilt in Amerika. If it wuzn’t fur Bellfowntin, we’d still have dert rodes.

Heer’s the akshul street:

Heer is my cheezecake poze, at BlogPaws:

Goodbye Columbus. Heer I am gitting reddy to fly to Sinsinatti.

Heer I am on da BART Air Trane after we got off the plane frum New Yawk. It piks yoo up in the airplane place and yoo ride in the air until yoo git off and go on anuther BART trane.

Then I moved to ware I cood see planes owt the window. Yoo can see the nice pink bag the FL carries.

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