The Biggest McDonalds in the Werld

skeezix the cat in st louis mo

See this big arch? I first thot it wuz the biggest McDonald’s in the werld, but it’s akshully the St Lewis Arch. I’ve bin inside it! The last time I wuz in St Louis, I rode up inside of it in theeze itsy bitsy tiny space pods. We were sqwished in like sardeens. Win we got to the top, it wuz not a McDonald’s with boogers and frize, but a place ware you could look out the windows and see out to the ends of the erth. I wuz probly looking at the howse of the Meowers frum Missouri, and I didn’t even no it!

But this time I did not git to go up into the arch cuz evry minit of the day wuz takin up with eether lerning about wild cats or eetin’ and drinkin’ and loozing all our munneys at the casino. If you have never bin inside this arch, I highly rekummend it, kittehs! It’s like being at the top of a ginormous cat tree!

This view is frum our fansy hotel by the casino.

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  1. Wow! That was a huge arch. What fun things you are doing right now!

  2. Hey, the Man and the Woman used to live pretty close to that and have been inside it, too! The Woman says NEVER AGAIN, probably because she hates high places and she’s a wimp.

    • That’s vary cool, Max! We rode up in it last yeer and rode up in thoze kramped space pods. It wuz way fun! The FL never knew yoo cood go inside it, but then she’s not that brite.

  3. My MRS. went up in that big McDonald’s arch but she didn’t see Ronald up there. Glad you’re having fun on your trip!

  4. Dood! Too cool. The highest we’ve been is the Space Needle!
    We’re weenies, too!

  5. Oh My Dog…I’ll have a filet o’ fish & an apple pie!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. yup, if you stand on tippy-toes at the toppa the arch, you kin see our house. if we’da knowed, we’da waved!!

  7. Meowm says she went up in taht when she was in high school!