Thursday Thirteen: Edishun 44

This week, I’m in hot water. I fergot Rocky’s blogoversrey wich was on July 6th. He’s bin kinda moping arownd, so I thot I’d have a ROCKY T13 to sellubrate his blogoversrey with Thirteen other Rockies — sum of hoom need furrever homes! Happy Blogoversery, Rockster!

Evrybuddy heer is named Rocky:

Don’t yoo love his byooty marks on his noze??


This Rocky is a Mane Coon… probably plotting how to git higher in the Top 100 rankings than Jeter Harris.


Heer’s a Rocky hoo looks like Chareman Mao!:

He has his own store heer.


This Rocky is approximately 20 months old and is a handsome male Orange Tabby with a racoon-ringed tail, thus the name. He is very playful. He needs a home and he livs in the Noo England/mid=Atlantik area – klik heer for deetales.


This Rocky is up for adopshun thru the Pet Adoption League in Northern Callyfornya: Adopt him now!

Heer’s more abowt him:

Rocky is a large, grey tabby cat. He is about ten years old (remember cats can live to be twenty!) Rocky is looking for a new home. He likes to be indoor/outdoor. He is litter box trained. Rocky has had some bladder infections recently but we are working on a change in diet which is usually the problem. He would be best in a home with no younger kids. Right now he shares his home with a dog and a cat. He is not the extremely needy, affectionate kind of cat but more the provide his basic needs and he is on his way kind. So, if you would like a cat that doesn’t demand lots of attention, Rocky is the kitty for you. Adoption Fee $30 which includes a little of the food we find that works for him. Please call 916-408-2372 with any questions or to set up a time to come and meet him.


This Rocky is avaylubul thru Adopt a Pet in Illinoy:

And heer’s his storey:

Rocky is a black & white shorthaired boy about 1 year old. He is like a dog! He is friendly with anyone and launches right into any new environment. He is the top dog — oops, I mean cat. He takes over any area or situation he is exposed to. Rocky loves to be petted, but when he wants to play or gets rowdy he might give you a love bite. He likes to be held and sit in your lap. He is a big guy that likes other cats but also lets them know he is in charge. He would also be fine as an only cat. This wonderfully intelligent handsome fellow will make a great friend!
ID: Rocky (TI-C-8139)


This Rocky is a byooty!


This Rocky is up for adopshun thru Pet Promise in Ohio.

And heer’s whut they say abowt him:

Rocky…he is all boy and ALL PURRS and ALL LOVE! This large cuddle bug was a farm kitten that wandered away from the farm and who was rescued as a young cat. He was wild and mean…and scared! But PetPromise had a volunteer willing to rehabilitate this big tough baby…as she saw the big soul and all of the love reflected int his cat’s eyes. With time and patience…and a lot of work…the once “wild” Rocky was cuddling, purring, jumping into laps, rubbing on legs….and begging to be held. Rocky is one of our most successful feral rehabilitations. He loves other cats, people, food, and even does well with nice friendly dogs. Rocky is a special boy….and would love to be the center of someone’s world where he can live happily and safely with his very own family for the rest of his life!


This Rocky is in Fairfax Furrjinya. He’s a deeclawed (ouch!) Persian Nootered Male (ID 1996-05-01). Thare fone number is 703-385-7387, and heer is more abowt him:

One look at this gorgeous white Persian and you’ll know this is a special cat. A closer look reveals his beautiful eyes – one is blue and the other one is amber. All cats need brushing, especially cats like Rocky. And he thoroughly enjoys one. Rocky likes two litter pans just to make sure he doesn’t get his gorgeous coat dirty. He is also very curious and likes to play – he really enjoys catnip pillows. He will curl up in your lap for extra love and attention. Rocky loves adults and children, but does crave attention, so he would be best as an only cat where he can be the focus of your attention.


This Rocky needs to be adopted with his bruther Bullwinkle. They have a strong sibling bond and they live in Suthern Callyfornia. Heer’s thare storey:


I have two brother cats that I can no longer keep. My son has allergies. It breaks my heart, but we have to get rid of Bullwinkle and Rocky.

We adopted them as kittens four and a half years ago. Their former owners couldn’t keep them. I promised them to keep the two cats together. They have an amazing sibling bond. I really want them to be adopted together, I think they would not be okay without each other.

Bullwinkle is the bigger and more black one. He is affectionate and once he gets to know you, likes to cozy up to you and has a huge purr. Rocky is the smaller, whiter one. He is very bonded to my son, sleeps next to him every night. Rocky is more timid than Bullwinkle, and needs a calm environment. (He is not good around crowds, and has been known to pee when stressed by big groups of teenagers in the house, something that happens here.)

I really hope you can help me. I do not wish to take these cats to the shelter (certain death sentence!) but I cannot keep them. I can be reached at 323-225-3321, or at email crohman1 AT yahoo DOT com

thank you so much,

Heer are Bullwinkle and Rocky:


This Rocky is up for adopshun in PALO ALTO, Callyfornya.

Rocky was an owner surrendered pet who was not happy in a shelter environment. Now that he is in a home with a nice window and fewer cats, he’s quite happy. Rocky is one of the gang with other cats in his foster home but it took a few weeks for him to settle in. On his surrender form it states he did have a sibling and his owner they were close.

This is a friendly kitty who just wants to have a forever home to call his own. Rocky is affectionate once he gets to know you and will start talking if he doesn’t think he’s getting enough attention. He likes to bat toys around and will chase a wand toy. He’s a dry food only guy. Rocky is a classic “cow cat” in his markings but don’t mention it to him in case he takes offense!


And heer’s a Rocky in Kauai! He’s at the Kauai Humane Societey.

This three month old neutered male kitten is an affectionate and playful ball of energy. He invites you to take advantage of the two-for-one June special and take both him and a friend home with you.


And owr last Rocky is looking for a home in San Diego!

Duzn’t he look YUMMMMY!!??!!!

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