Thursday Thirteen: Edishun 82

Boy, the ixsitemint shur is bilding over my BIG ANNOWNSEMINT tomorrow!!!! So this week’s Thursday 13 is thirteen things that will NOT be in my BIG ANNOWNSEMINT tomorrow.
  1. Mao will no longer be grownded for life.
  2. I’m gitting kloned. (Rosie & Cheeto are VARY smart for reemembering ware the FL used to werk. Thare was akshully sum seerius diskusshun at one time abowt kloning me, and the cat kloning CEO sed he’d do it for next to nuthin’. Can yoo imajine? The catbox wood be overflowing with sqwerts!)
  3. Thare will be a change in status of the reelayshunship with my speshul frend Daisy. (Like Mr TF, I’m not a fast moover in that deepartmint.)
  4. I’m starting my own line of kyoot clothing. (This is not far fetcht. I alreddy have kyoot deezines and a website reddy, but the FL has not had time to help me with my sewin’.)
  5. I am gitting a baby sister. (But boy, wood I LOVE to have one!)
  6. We’re gitting a blurpy thing. (I’d rather have a baby sister.)
  7. They’re gonna reeverse my hoohaectomy so I can make SkeeDaisys. (That sownds like it wood hert, Angus!)
  8. I’m chanjing my blog template. (If I do, Jeter, it will be Yankee pinstripes, I promiss.)
  9. Mr Tasty Face got a tan.
  10. I’ll annownse the winner of my “Gess My 1500th Post Kontest.” (But I will reemind yoo that tomorrow is the last day to submit yer gess!)
  11. I’m gitting a pet. (Daisy kinda ruint my chanses for that one.)
  12. I fownd owt hoo my teecher will be. (I hope it’s Jeter’s or DMM’s mom!)
  13. I’ll be taking over da grate Ted Rheingold’s job.
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