Toonces the Cat’s World of Naychur

I thot this was reel intristing. I’ve never seen a lizzerd: have any of yoo ever seen a lizzerd? It’s kinda kreepy to see thare tales fall off, but I kinda want to try it!

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  1. I’ve never seen a Lizard but it looks like a lot of fun! I want to see its tail fall off too!

    Where do you find out about these cool things Skeezix? Do you have lizards in the valley?

  2. Skeeeeezix the Cat |

    I don’t know if we have lizzerds or not in Castro Valley by the Big Forest. I’ve never persunnully seen one. It woodn’t surprize me if we don’t, becuz the vishus deer cood have eeten them all. The next time I see Rocky the Gutter Cat, I’m gonna ask him if thare are lizzerds outside.

  3. Grr, Midnight & Cocoa |

    how long will that tail keep wigglin after the lizzerd leafs it? we wanna play wif it. then we wanna eat it.

  4. Eric and Flynn |

    We haf nefurr seen lizards, but those tails look like fun to play wiv. Our mum sed she has seen newts which are like small lizards. She sed they lives in the stream in our fields. But she doesn’t know if theer tails fall off. I fink we may haf to go down an vestygate. The 2 vishus deer live in that field, so they may be ate up now.

  5. Skeeeeezix the Cat |

    Eric & Flynn —

    DON’T GO DOWN AND INVESTIGATE! Yoo’ll git eeten by the vishus deer long before yoo ever find the newts!

  6. I have a lizard friend who lives outside. Her name is Russell. I haven’t talked to her in a long time though.

  7. We have lizzies that also drop off their tails, but they don’t look like the one on the video. The tails by themselves are kind of creepy.

  8. ew ew ew ew ew. good fing we don’t haf those here. they prolly don’t like snow.

  9. One time, a lizard made the mistake of entering into The House. I picked him up, ripped him in half, and then picked at his innards….all in front of my human pet. I then brought her the still quivering tail and laid it at her feet as a gift.

    All I heard in response was, “Beepity-beep, Zeus! Beepity-beeping-beep!”

    She ran away after that. Sigh…..

  10. nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing |

    we has seen lizards hangin’ on the window screens, and some of them has BLUE TAILS! but they never left any of them behind. i mean, they were on their behinds, but they didn’t leave ‘em behind. they left ‘em on their behinds, but not behind when they left. got it?


    p.s. please tell mao we tried to leave a comment on his bloggie, but dumb ol’ beta wouldn’t let us. we likes his vishus deer repelunt idea, and wantsta get a can for Him and grandad, ’cause they go out in the woods to cut logs for firewood!

    p.p.s sorry about that deleted comment; we just totally lost our minds for a few moments.

  11. Maobert Nichols |

    Zeus — She was probly just overwelmd by yer hunting prowiss. Ixactly the same thing happend to me win we livd in Sosuhleeto and I brot snakes in the howse evry day. The food lady sed my name reely lowd and the bleepity bleep stuff winever she saw that.

  12. Skeeeeezix the Cat |

    Nitro — Rocky the Gutter Cat is also selling “Mao & Rocky’s Vishus Deer Repellunt” so maybe yoo cood go to his blog and leeve a messij. He’s using the beta, so other beta cats uzhually don’t have the problems on beta blogs.


  13. Rocky the Gutter Cat |

    I’ve seen a few lizzerds in the bak yard by the mulch ware I krap, but mostly sallymanders. I like to torchur and eet sallymanders. Then win I’m thru, I watch the ants eet the rest of ‘em. It’s fun. THE END. —RtGC

  14. Jake and Bathsheba |

    We don’t have lizards in our jungle garden, but they look like they’d be fun to kill and eat. Zeus has the right idea.


  15. I niver seen enny lizzerds arownd heer but maybe sum live in the big wuds ware my foodladee likes to go hikin. I dunt think I want to find owt tho becuz I am shur thair arr vishus deer in the wuds! The lizzerds do look like they wud be fun to play wif tho.
    Thank yoo for anuthur innerestin moovee!