Trip is a Terd

tripper the psycho stray cat

Terd is not on The Bad Werds List so I know I can use it win I say that Trip is a Terd.

Win the wether gits as boiling hot as the surfiss of the sun, the FL and Mr TF take me on a walk outside after dinner. I’m vary good at walking on my leesh, and we go down to this little park ware I git to klime on a giant bolder that is more than TWICE as tall as I am. It is thrilling. I like it.

But last nite, Tripper deesided he wood go along too. He just INVITED HIMSELF! It was vary ROOD. That is my speshul one-on-one time with the FL and Mr TF, and Tripper rooined it.

Not only that, but he’s such a lard butt that he had to stop and rest evry three minits. He duzn’t have big mussels like me — he just has big. The FL had to kerry him part of the way so we cood git to the little park before sun-up. I’m amazed she didn’t brake her bak.

And win we got to the park, he just sat thare like a lump in the mulch. He didn’t even bother to have fun and go on an exsiting bolder klime. I meen, whut’s the point of going to the park if you don’t klime the ginormuss bolder and sniff stuff?

After we got bak home he was all pooped out. I hope that meens he’s not gonna try going on MY walks any more. Will you join me in calling him a big terd????

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  1. Rosie & Cheeto |

    That is TOTALLY a turdish thing to do!

  2. That is rude. But wow. I’m amazing that you eat dinner before sun up. We eat ours at just about sun down. Is that because you are south in Castro Valley and they do things differently there?

    • Chey, we eat dinner beefor sun-up — about 11 hours before — but Trip was having to take so many lardbutt brakes, I wuz werried that we woodn’t git home beefor brekfist. And nobuddy brot Fansy Feest with them!

  3. That was very rood of Tripper to ruin your special time with the FL and Mr. TF!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  4. our the mom won’t let us call names. but it was kind of rood. but the mom thinks trip is kyoot too (but not as kyoot as you)

  5. yup, he’s a terd alright. buggers…

    smiles, antie bee

  6. He’ll probably invite himself along and the FL will probably have to carry him again. But look at it as strength training for her. Our people, they need that. They need that a lot.

  7. He might be a big terd, but the MRS. says his tummy is very irresistible whatever that means!

  8. LOKi and Bean |

    At leest the wether is nyce enuff to go fur a wok. It is rood of Tripper to invite hisself along. Maybe if yoo leeve a lot of fud at home so he will bee distracted arownd walk-time…

  9. Terd or not, his tummy is very inviting.