Uh Oh.

skeezix at four seasons casino

This mite be the last blog post I ever make in my HOLE ENTIRE LIFE cuz things haven’t bin going so well. We wint to this place last nite and sumthing happend and now the Food Lady mite have to pon her compyooter to by a grayhownd tikkit to go home. It was NOT PRITTY. She kept saying DUBBLE DOWN! DUBBLE DOWN! Evry time she sed dubble down she gave more munney to the fansy man with the tie. She told me not to werry cuz if she dubbled down enuf we wood WIN BIG! It wuz just a matter of time. But I don’t think we wun big. We didn’t even win small. We got kikt out to the kerb.

We had to ride for many hours on the big silver berdie to git to this place, so I don’t think we can just walk home. Fur some reezin, the FL is scairt to call Mr TF. Maybe it’s just becuz she ponned her fone.

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  1. Dood! That’s really bad! We hope things didn’t hafta be pawned and that Mr. TF has a sense of humor …

  2. Uh oh. This does not sound good. You, at least, can teleport though, can’t you?

  3. Now worries, dood…if it comes to it we’ll all pitch in to get you home. The Food Lady can walk. I’ve heard she’s a good walker and is pretty fast, even though she blisters.

    If she blisters, we’ll send her some squishy stuff and Moleskin for them.

  4. Hey, Skeezix! Congratz on being a finalist in the BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards for Best Bloggie Design!!! …we think your design ROCKS!
    The girl hopes she gets to meet you at BlogPaws.
    I’m not much of a conference cat, so I’m staying home.
    xoxo Katie

    GLOGIRLY-Tails Of A Cat & Her Girl

    • Thanks vary much! I see yoo got yer fare share of nommynations with yer mad deezine skills! Good Luck!

      Flat Skeezix will be attending BP insted of me cuz I can’t hold in the sqwerts long enuf to git to Salt Lake City. The Food Lady will be waring her crazy pink glasses and a hot pink jakkit. We wood be honored to meet you!


  5. Oh man, Skeezix, we hope this doesn’t mean you’re gonna hafta start eating the cheap foods.

  6. Skeezix, concatulations on your finalism! I love your designs, since you probably are the mastermind behind Mousebreath. Maybe we’ll get to meet in SLC, and it won’t be so hard for your food lady to get home from there.

    • Oh, Bernadette, I don’t stand a chanse aginst you and the other byootiful finulist blogs, but it wuz an honor being nommynated! Good Luck!!!

  7. Oopsie, maybe should should have aimed higher & said triple down??

    I hope you found your way home.

    Nubbin wiggles,