Vary Disterbin

This is WAY WERSE than Matsui eeting Rocky the Sqwerl. I have just diskuverd thare is a THEEF livin in this howse with me, and I won’t rest until I find out hoo it is.

Yoo see, my speshul frend Daisy gave me some skrumshus duk harts for Valentine’s Day. But they disappeerd frum thare hidey place.

Then today, win I was sleepin in Tripper’s bed (I do that win he’s owtside makin berdies go ded), I happend to spot sumthing:

It was a bag of DUK HARTS stuft under his mattriss ware he keeps his Cat Fancy Magazines.

I investigayted further. The bag appeerd to be emty:

Sinse I am VARY THOROUGH, I made shur the bag was trooly emty without a single duk hart left:

Like I told yoo: vary disterbin. I mite have to hire Harley to find out hoo the kulprit is.

I don’t think it’s Rocky cuz he duzn’t eet duk harts, just baby food.

My big bruther Mao is just crafty enuf to FRAME Tripper and git him in big trubble. Mao hates Trip cuz Trip likes to give Mao lots of kisses. And Mao did like the duk harts win I shared one with him. (I’m a nice guy, right?)

It cood be Tripper, but sinse he ways 22 pownds and I just way a littul over six pownds, wood it be wize for me to cunfrunt him with the evidense????

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