Wisker Wenzday

Yoo mite need to klik to biggify…. as yoo may or mayn’t know, I have bin trying to grow dark manly wiskers like my idol, da grate Ted Rheingold. The last time I saw him (win I got my purrforminse review), thare was hare hare evryware. He got his many dark manly wiskers win he wint on vaykayshun.

As yoo also may or mayn’t know, I can’t go on vaycayshun to grow dark manly wiskers cuz we don’t have vary many munneys at owr howse rite now. So I have to try to grow my dark manly wiskers during a STAYkayshun wich is the kind of vaykayshun that peeple on unemploymint go on.

I hardly notist anything at ferst, altho my speshul frend Daisy was kind enuf to point owt that she thot sum wiskers were growin in. She’s vary nice that way.

And then, THE MOST AMAYZING THING happend!!! The FL took this pikcher of me and Mr TF chillaxin, and whaddya know??? I think I have sum dark manly wiskers growin under my chin!!!!!! (um, yoo mite need to biggify).

I will keep yoo apprized of this progress. I may look like Abe Linkin by the time I get to the Nashunul Spellin Bee!

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